Warchal Strings for Violin

Warchal is a relatively new company in the string-making business. Their products are moderately priced, yet appeal to many professional players.

Warchal Amber

New composite core emulates gut-like tone balance. The E string in this set has become a favorite of many players for use with other brands of A, D and G.

Warchal Ametyst

Synthetic core strings which offer a pure and focused sound that is brighter than Karneol. Although they are intended for better instruments, they will improve the sound of all levels of violins.

Warchal Brilliant

Synthetic core, for the player who needs maximum projection. The Brilliant Vintage is a lower tension version of these strings designed for use with responsive older instruments.

Warchal Karneol

Synthetic core strings that produces well-balanced velvety tones, adding warmth and texture.

Warchal Nefrit

Metal core A and E, with synthetic core D and G. Designed for musical instruments that require more intensive bow pressure. Suitable for electric instruments also.