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Cello Cases

Let's face it, part of what we love about Cellos is their beautiful appearance. An attractive case enhances one's appreciation an instrument. We invite you to indulge your imagination and explore our selection of fine cases. We offer Cello cases from Bam, Bobelock, Musilia, Gewa, Brack, Accord, Eclipse, HC, Eastman, David Gage and Mirage as well as padded bags.

We are offering free domestic shipping on all Accord, Bam, Brack, Eclipse, Musilia and Gewa Cello cases. Visit the specific product page for each brand for more information about this offer.

Musilia Cello Cases

Popular Carbon and Carbon Hybrid models designed in Germany and made in China

Bam Cello Cases

Stylish cases with sophisticated design. Made in France and Thailiand

Bobelock Cello Cases

Fiberglass models made in the Philippines

Gewa Cello Cases

German-made, wide range of ABS, Fiberglass, Thermoplastic and Carbon models

Eastman Cello Cases

High Value Fiberglass, Carbon and Carbon Hybrid models made in China

Mirage Cello Cases

Carbon Hybrid, budget priced ultralight case made in China.

Eclipse Cello Cases

Carbon model with single latch system

Accord Cello Cases

Carbon and Carbon Hybrid models for professional use.

Brack Cello Cases

Swiss made, ultralight professional model.

HC Cello Cases

Wide range of value-oriented cases, made in China.

David Gage Flight Case

Touring Professional's Travel Case.

Padded Bags for Cello

Wide range of popular models.

Cases Tech

Information to help you choose the right case.