D'Addario Cello Strings

D'Addario strings are made in the US using state-of-the-art technology. D'Addario is the largest string-making company in the world.

D'Addario Helicore

Since introduction in the mid 1990's, Helicore have achieved a remarkable acceptance among students and professionals worldwide. The stranded metal core gives quick response due to the thin diameter of the strings.

D'Addario Prelude

Prelude strings have a solid steel core. Because of the use of dampening resins, they are not as harsh sounding as other student strings. Long lasting, durable and easy to play. Perfect for Student instruments.

D'Addario Kaplan

Made by D'Addario. Also known as Kaplan Solutions. These strings are D'Addario's answer to popular sets made with Larsen, Jargar and Spirocore and other strings of this type.

D'Addario Pro Arte

Pro Arté Cello strings have a Perlon core and are similar to Dominant in performance qualities. Low tension. Easy playability. Moderate cost.