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Strings for Double Bass

We offer the largest selection of strings found anywhere. Small sizes, thin or thick gauges, obscure brands...we have a vast selection to meet the needs of every player, instrument and budget. Email us if you need help choosing strings.

Pirastro Perpetual

Perpetual are a new concept in string design from Pirastro. Intended for mostly pizz playing, but bows pretty well. These have become a top seller in a short time.

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi

Evah Pirazzi have become a top choice for every bassist. Medium gauge for Orchestra players. Weich gauge for a mix of solo pizz and arco playing. Slap variant is for pizz only playing styles.

Pirastro Obligato

Obligato is the hybrid workhorse of the Pirastro Bass string line. Bows well, and has a great solo pizz response. Obligato has receive consistent updates over the years.

Pirastro Passione

New Steel Core strings from Pirastro. These are competitively priced strings intended for orchestral use. Stark gauge is best for Orchestra bassists, and the Medium gauge for a mix of bow and pizz playing.

Pirastro Permanent

Multi stranded metal core orchestral bass string. Moderately priced.

Pirastro Flat Chrom Original

Original Flat Chrome are the premier orchestral bass string from Pirastro. Long life with balance of warmth and brightness. A leading choice for professional section players for decades.

Pirastro Flat Chrome

The brightest of the Pirastro Orchestral Steel rope core strings.

Pirastro Flexocor Original

For decades, a top choice for orchestral Bass.

Pirastro Flexocor DeLuxe

New Orchestral Bass string from Pirastro offers timeless Flexocore tone and response, at a moderate price. Power, response, and complexity of tone all in one affordable string.

Pirastro Flexocore

The formula introduced in 1992 as, "Flexocore 92". Rope Core strings for Orchestral Bass.

Pirastro Olive

Olive are the premier Gut core strings from Pirastro. Solo pizz players love the warm tone and easy feel, but they make a great orchestral string too.

Pirastro Jazzer

Steel rope core strings intended for Pizzicato only playing styles.

Pirastro Pizzicato

Gut core strings intended for pizzicato only playing styles. They offer the classic gut tone and feel.

Pirastro Eudoxa

Pirastro Eudoxa strings have a gut core, which provides a very warm and complex tone. Brighter sound than Olive. Great for Pizzicato playing.

Pirastro Chorda

Chorda are intended as a historically authentic gut string. However, they are often used by jazz players. Plain Gut G and D, with Silver Plated Wound A and E.

Pirastro Chromcore

Solid steel core strings for students. Durable, low cost, long lasting strings.

Thomastik Spirocore

Steel rope core strings offer power and projection with long life. Weich strings are a very popular pizzicato choice.

Thomastik Bel Canto

Bel Canto have become a top choice for orchestra section players. Steel rope core strings offer broad tonal palette, long lifespan, and easy playability.

Thomastik Precision

Solid core strings with bright tone and long life. Suitable for student instruments.

Thomastik Superflexible

Steel rope core strings offer a warmer tone balance and smoother texture compared to Spirocore

Thomastik Dominant

Nylon core produces a warm, gut-like tone. Easy bow response. Short Pizzicato sustain.

D'Addario Zyex

D'Addario Zyex strings are part of the new wave of composite core string making. Light gauge are for a mix of pizzicato and arco playing. Medium gauge are for primarily orchestral playing.

D'Addario Kaplan

Kaplan are professional steel rope core strings from D'Addario. These have a powerful orchestral response in the Medium or Heavy gauge. For a mix of solo pizz playing and arco, choose the Light gauge. Kaplan are priced lower than many imported brands with similar performance.

D'Addario Helicore

Since introduction in the mid 1990's, Helicore have achieved a remarkable acceptance among students and professionals worldwide. The stranded metal core gives quick response due to the thin diameter of the strings.

D'Addario Prelude

Prelude have a solid steel core. They are durable, long lasting and easy to play, which make them a great choice for student instruments.

Super Sensitive Red Label

Solid steel core, with Nickel winding. Low cost, long lasting student strings.

Super Sensitive Sensicore

Nylon core offers low tension. Warm tone balance. Low cost alternative to gut strings for pizzicato playing and some bowing.


Gut Core strings popular with pizz players who want an authentic gut feel and tone.


Wide range of string choices from rockabilly to orchestral playing styles.


We have discontinued Velvet strings, as we are unable to obtain additional supply from the manufacturer.


We have discontinued Kolstein strings.

Corelli Rope Core

High value steel rope core strings. The popular tungsten wound "370" set offers a uniquely thin diameter string, which is easy to play but has volume and projection.


Jargar strings are steel core, high tension orchestra strings.

Labella Black Nylon

Black Nylon wound on Steel rope core. These string have a thick diameter, and a loose feel. They are intended for slap style playing, but are well suited for any Pizzicato style.

Labella Elite Series

Elite series strings are similar in construction to the LaBella Rope Core strings, but have additional characteristics that enhance the strings tone and responsiveness.

Labella Gut

LaBella Gut have plain G and D strings. The A and E are Silver Wound. An excellent choice for warm pizzicato tone with easy playability and comfortable feel.

Labella Rope Core

Steel Rope Core strings for Orchestral playing. Bright and responsive. Moderate cost.

Labella Steel

Solid Steel core string intended for orchestral playing. A great choice for student basses.

Labella Supernil

One of the only Nylon core bass strings still on the market. Thick diameter, loose tension are comfortable to play. A good choice for mostly Pizzicato playing. Low cost.