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Violin Strings

We offer the largest selection of strings found anywhere; Small sizes, thin or thick gauges, obscure brands. We have a vast selection to meet the needs of every player, instrument and budget. Email us if you need help choosing strings, or visit the String Tech page for detailed technical information about strings and their application.

Larsen Tzigane

G, D and A strings are made using a multi-filament nylon core. The G and D strings are wound with precision rolled pure silver flat wire, the A string with aluminium. The E string is made of a unique carbon steel. For very bright sounding violins, Tzigane strong tension is the ideal choice.

Larsen Il Cannone

The result of these strings was enabled by the contribution of many players providing detailed feedback to the manufacturer over a considerable length of time, to develop a range of string choices for those who demand as much from their strings, as from themselves.

Larsen Il Cannone Gold

The ultimate in focus, Larsen Il Cannone Gold is the tip of the spear, sonically, and within the pantheon of Larsen brands. Designed to last, which means the "sweet spot", between strings which are to new, or too old, is lengthened. In other words, once they break in, you'll enjoy many weeks of consistent performance.

Larsen Direct/Focused

Larsen wants to evoke a "silvery and lustrous clarity", with these strings. A new winding process is employed first in this brand. An entirely new synthetic core completes the novel mix of materials and manufacturing processes.

Larsen Original

The Larsen E string is made of carbon steel, supplied with ball or loop end. The A, D and G strings are made using a multi-filament nylon core. The A and D string are wound with precision rolled aluminium flat wire and the G strings with pure silver. Larsen Originals also offer an E string with a gold plated option, a violin II A with a steel core and a D string wound with pure silver as individual strings.

Larsen Aurora

Aurora violin is a string for all ages from the youngest student starting at the very beginning to the seasoned professional looking for a new, higher quality, reference standard for violin strings. Offered in full size medium and strong and medium fractional sizes from 3/4 to 1/16, Aurora violin opens the opportunity for all to learn, develop and perform with professional grade strings at an accessible price.

Custom String Sets

Custom sets are special sets containing a mix of brands. We offer these sets at a discount price, compared to the total cost of the 4 strings in the set. These are hugely popular with our customers.

Thomastik Dominant

A game-changer nearly 50 years ago remains one of the top choices for professionals and students alike. Nylon core offers a balance of warmth and focus. Dominant Pro is new, and offers updated technology to increase lifespan, and produce a warm, round tone shape similar to Pirastro Obligato.

Thomastik Dynamo

Ultimate in dynamic range and modulation. Synthetic core. Plenty of power, but with the possibility of subtlety.

Thomastik Peter Infeld (PI)

Peter Infeld (PI) represent a leap forward in string design. Extremely long lifespan, complex tone and projection. These have become a top choice for professional players.

Thomastik Rondo

Recent addition to the Thomastik line-up. Synthetic core.

Thomastik Vision

The Vision line offers many choices. Standard Vision are a great value for general use, also available in fractional sizes. Vision Titanium offer high tension power and response for soloistic performance. Vision Solo are a happy medium.

Thomastik Alphayue

New synthetic core strings for students. Upgrade from your student steel strings, for about the same price as steel.

Thomastik Infeld Red & Blue

Infield Red and Blue strings from Thomastik offer tone balance to adjust for the natural tendencies of your instrument. Red has a warm tone balance, for inherently bright Violins. Blue has Bright tone balance, for inherently dark Violins.

Thomastik Octave Superflexible

Octave strings have a steel rope core and are tuned one octave below normal tuning. Adjustments to the bridge and nut of your Violin might be necessary, to properly install these strings.

Thomastik Precision

Solid steel core strings offer high volume, bright tone balance and durability at a moderate price. Good choice for folk style playing, student instruments, or electric instruments.

Thomastik Spirit

A Moderately-priced synthetic core strings for students who need a step up string on a budget.

Thomastik Spirocore

Steel rope core string offers quick response, volume and projection. Long life span. A great choice for electric instruments.

Thomastik Superflexible

Steel rope core strings with a warmer tone balance, and smoother texture compared to Spirocore. Low price, long lasting, and durable.

Pirastro Perpetual

The latest string design from Pirastro has resulted in a string that has it all. Power, precision, nuance and long life.

Pirastro Evah Gold

Evah GOLD strings bring an added dimension to tonal complexity. The tone balance is overall a bit warmer compared to Evah Pirazzi, and slightly rounder in tone shape. Long lifespan, and easy response to nuanced performance.

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi

Evah Pirazzi strings have a high-tension composite core. They offer powerful focus and projection and have become a top choice among professionals and other serious players. Also available in fractional sizes.

Pirastro Obligato

Pirastro Obligato has a composite core. Many strings of this type are bright and focused, but Obligato has a warm gut-like tone. Available for fractional sized instruments.

Pirastro Gold Label

Gold Label are the budget gut core strings from Pirastro. The E string in this set is a top seller for use with other brands.

Pirastro Olive

Pirastro Olive are the premier gut core string. The E string in this set is a top seller for use with other brands of A, D and G.

Pirastro Eudoxa

Eudoxa strings have a gut core workhorse of the Pirastro string line. Warm, but a little brighter than Olive. The E string in this set is a popular choice for use with other brands of A, D and G.

Pirastro Wondertone Solo

Composite core string with slightly lower tension for instruments that choke under high tension.

Pirastro Aricore

Pirastro Aricore strings are low tension, synthetic core strings. They offer a gut-like tone.

Pirastro Chorda

Historically authentic gut core strings. Use these on a baroque Violin, or a modern instrument, to approximate the tone and response of period instruments.

Pirastro Chromcor

Solid steel core strings for students and folk playing styles. Durable, low cost, long lasting strings.

Pirastro Passione

Pirastro Passione and Passione Solo are gut core strings with added benefits. Unlike other gut core strings, Passione gut core material is stabilized to improve tuning consistency. Now you can have the best of both worlds; Gut tone complexity with reliable tuning.

Pirastro Piranito

Piranito are budget, steel core strings for student instruments and school music programs. Long lasting, durable, low cost strings and easy to play.

Pirastro Synoxa

A synthetic core string slightly brighter than Aricore. The tone balance is warm, and tension is low compared to the latest composite core brands.

Pirastro Tonica

Tonica have a Nylon core. These are the new, updated formula Tonica strings. Comparable to Thomastik Dominant, but without the metallic edge to the sound.

Pirastro Violino

Violino offer students a budget-priced composite core string alternative to the popular, costly professional brands such as Evah Pirazzi and Obligato. Available in fractional sizes too.

Pirastro Flexocor-Permanent

Updated rope-core formula offers quick response, yet firm resistance to high bow pressure. An ideal choice for electric instruments.

D'Addario Helicore

Stranded metal core is very thin and results in strings that are very flexible and easy to play. A popular choice for electric instruments.

D'Addario Ascente

Ascenté is a synthetic core violin string intended for players of all levels and ages. They offer a wider tonal range, excellent pitch stability and longevity at a moderate price.

Kaplan Amo

Made by D'Addario Kaplan Amo is a new composite core set designed to complete with more costly brands such as Evah Pirazzi or Peter Infeld. Amo provides warmth, richness, and flexibility for brighter instruments.

Kaplan Vivo

Made by D'Addario, Kaplan Vivo is a new composite core set designed to complete with more costly brands such as Evah Pirazzi or Peter Infeld. Kaplan Vivo delivers brilliance, clarity, and a robust feel for darker instruments

D'Addario Prelude

Prelude strings have a solid steel core. They are an excellent choice for student instruments. Not as harsh sounding as other student strings. Durable, low cost and long-lasting.

D'Addario Pro Arte

Pro Arte violin strings have a Perlon core and are similar to Dominant in performance qualities, but are much lower in cost.

Kaplan Golden Spiral Solo

Made by D'Addario, Kaplan Golden Spiral Solo E is a top choice for use with other brands of A, D and G. Golden Spiral A, D and G were gut core strings, discontinued by the manufacturer years ago.

D'Addario Zyex

Zyex is part of the new wave of composite core string design. These were one of the first of it's type on the market. They remain one of the most affordable strings of this type. Zyex are now offered in all sizes.

Corelli Crystal

Synthetic core strings offer a low tension balance between warm and bright. Consistently updated over many years, Crystal represent a great value compared to other synthetic core brands.

Corelli Alliance Vivace

Corelli Alliance strings have a composite core. Corelli was the first to introduce a composite core violin string. Updated continuously over many years, these strings compete favorably with other popular composite core strings, but at a lower cost.

Corelli Cantiga

The latest from Corelli, which offer quick break-in time, and ease of playability in all registers. Rich, yet clear tone balance.


Jargar have a solid steel core and offer a loud, focused tone and quick response. The Jargar E is a popular choice for use with other brands of A, D and G. As a set, Jargar makes it a good choice for folk style playing, or any music that uses a lot of double stops. Superior is a newer type of string, which offers higher tension compared to the original line.

John Pearse

John Pearse strings are made in 3 types. The Artiste set has a Perlon core, similar to Dominant and other popular synthetic core brands. They also offer a second Perlon core set, at a lower cost. The Fiddle strings have a solid steel core, similar to Prim. They are ideal for folk music style playing.


LaBella is an American brand of strings made by E&O Mari. These strings are not popular, but represent a good value.

Miscellaneous E Strings

These are the popular single E strings, which many players use with their choice of A, D and G.


Prim Strings are the popular choice for folk style music for their quick response, low cost, high durability and ease of tuning double-stops. Solid Steel core, wound with Chrome steel.

Super Sensitive Red Label

Solid steel core with Nickel winding. Low cost, long lasting student strings that have long been the workhorse of school music programs.

Super Sensitive Red Label Pearl

These have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Super Sensitive Old Fiddler

Discontinued by the manufacturer.

Super Sensieive Pinnacle

Discontinued by the manufacturer.

Super Sensitive Sensicore

Sensicore are Perlon core strings. The only synthetic core string offered in octave tuning.

Warchal Amber

New composite core emulates gut-like tone balance. The E string in this set has become a favorite of many players for use with other brands of A, D and G.

Warchal Ametyst

Synthetic core strings which offer a pure and focused sound that is brighter than Karneol. Although they are intended for better instruments, they will improve the sound of all levels of violins.

Warchal Brilliant

Synthetic core, for the player who needs maximum projection. The Brilliant Vintage is a lower tension version of these strings designed for use with responsive older instruments.

Warchal Karneol

Synthetic core strings that produces well-balanced velvety tones, adding warmth and texture.

Warchal Nefrit

Metal core A and E, with synthetic core D and G. Designed for musical instruments that require more intensive bow pressure. Suitable for electric instruments also.

String Tech

This page contains useful information about the technical aspects of strings and their application.