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Cello Strings

We offer the largest selection of strings found anywhere; Small sizes, thin or thick gauges, obscure brands. We have a vast selection to meet the needs of every player, instrument and budget. Email us if you need help choosing strings, or visit the String Tech page for detailed technical information about strings and their application.

Custom Cello String Sets

Custom sets are special sets containing a mix of brands. We offer these sets at a discount price, compared to the total cost of the 4 strings in the set. These are hugely popular with our customers.


Il Cannone, Larsen Original, Soloist, Magnacore, and Arioso Strings. Solid Steel core A and D, with Steel Rope Core G and C. These have been a top seller for professional use since they were introduction. Larsen continues to innovate.


Jargar A and D remain a top seller for professional use. They have a Solid Steel core, which produces a focused, powerful tone. Moderate price compared to similar brands. New Superior and Special types offer higher tension, yet maintain a good response.

Pirastro Perpetual

Perpetual represent a departure from Pirastro's usual approach to design. These strings are bright and focused to compete with the top selling brands from other manufacturers. These strings will eventually become a top choice for professional players.

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi

Evah Pirazzi is a hybrid steel core set. The A and D have a solid steel core, while the G and C have a stranded metal core. G and C strings are silver and tungsten alloy wound. These strings offer high tension and a focused, powerful tone, yet retain a smoothness which sets the apart from other popular steel core strings.

Pirastro Evah Gold

Evah Gold strings bring an added dimension to tonal complexity. The tone balance is overall a bit warmer compared to Evah Pirazzi, and a little rounder in tone shape. Long lifespan, and excellent response to nuanced performance.

Pirastro Permanent

Hybrid set with solid steel A and D, with stranded metal G and C. Rounder, smoother tone with slightly warmer tone balance, compared to other popular steel core cello strings.

Pirastro Obligato

Pirastro Obligato have a composite core. They offer warm, gut-like tone. Ideal for instruments that do not respond freely to popular, high-tension brands of Cello strings.

Pirastro Passione

Pirastro Passione is a hybrid set; The A and D have a steel core, and the G and C have a gut core. The gut core material is stabilized to improve tuning. Now you can have the best of both worlds; Gut tone complexity with stable tuning.

Pirastro Aricore

Pirastro Aricore strings have a synthetic core. They are warmer in tone than most other synthetic core strings, making them an ideal alternative for gut core strings.

Pirastro Synoxa

Synoxa is another synthetic core string, similar to Thomastik Dominant. Compared to Aricore, Synoxa are slightly brighter. The tone balance is warm, and tension is low. Medium gauge only. 4/4 Only.

Pirastro Olive

Pirastro Olive strings are Pirastro's premier Gut core string. The G and C are sometimes used with a Steel or Synthetic core A and D.

Pirastro Eudoxa

Classic gut core strings. Warm, nuanced tone. Low tension.

Pirastro Gold Label

Gold Label are budget gut core strings. Medium only.

Pirastro Chorda

Historically authentic gut core strings, to approximate the tone and response of period instruments.

Pirastro Chromcor

Solid steel core strings for students and folk playing styles. Durable, low cost, long lasting strings.

Pirastro Piranito

Piranito strings have a solid steel core. They are an excellent choice for student instruments due to the low cost, durability and long life.

Pirastro Flexocor

Pirastro has reformulated the design of Flexocor Cello strings. Solid Steel core A and D, with stranded metal core G and C. Easy response, with a rounder, smoother tone compared to other strings of this type.

Thomastik Spirocore

Steel rope core strings provide quick response, projection and long life. The G and C Tungsten remain a top choice for professional players. Consider these with your choice of other A and D strings.

Thomastik Versum

Latest Steel core strings for the professional Cellist. Thomastik finally has solid core A and D to compete with popular brands like Larsen. The G and C offer all the appeal of Spirocore Tungsten, but break-in quickly.

Thomastik Bel Canto

Standard Bel Canto Cello strings have been discontinued by Thomastik. Bel Canto Gold remain in production.

Thomastik Dominant

Nylon core offers low tension, warmth and easy bow response. The G and C remain a somewhat popular alternative to gut core strings. Dominant Pro is new, and offers updated technology to increase lifespan, and produce a warm, round tone shape similar to Pirastro Obligato.

Thomastik Spirit

Spirit are moderately-priced for students needing a step up string.

Thomastik Alphayue

New synthetic core strings for aspiring students.

Thomastik Superflexible

Steel rope core strings that offer a warmer tone balance and smoother texture compared to Spirocore.

Thomastik Precision

Solid steel core strings provide a strong bright tone suitable for student or electric instruments.

D'Addario Helicore

Since introduction in the mid 1990's, Helicore have achieved a remarkable acceptance among students and professionals worldwide. The stranded metal core gives quick response due to the thin diameter of the strings.

D'Addario Kaplan

Made by D'Addario. Also known as Kaplan Solutions. These strings are D'Addario's answer to popular sets made with Larsen, Jargar and Spirocore and other strings of this type.

D'Addario Prelude

Prelude strings have a solid steel core. Because of the use of dampening resins, they are not as harsh sounding as other student strings. Long lasting, durable and easy to play. Perfect for Student instruments.

D'Addario Pro Arte

Pro Arté Cello strings have a Perlon core and are similar to Dominant in performance qualities. Low tension. Easy playability. Moderate cost.

Super Sensitive Red Label

Solid steel core with Nickel winding. Low cost, long lasting student strings that have long been the workhorse of school music programs.

Super Sensitive Sensicore

Low tension Perlon core strings. The only low F string with synthetic core.

Super Sensitive Pinnacle

Discontinued by the manufacturer.


Crown strings are being phased out, and we no longer have a source for them. Consider Jargar as a good alternative.


Prim Strings have a very quick response, low cost, and high durability. Solid Steel core, wound with Chromesteel. Orchestra gauge is louder, but less bright.


LaBella is an American brand of strings made by E&O Mari. Their popularity is low, but the quality of the products, and value, are quite good.


Rope Core strings offer a low cost alternative to many other brands of Cello strings.

Warchal Brilliant

Brilliant for Cello offer a low cost alternative to many popular high end brands.

Warchal Amber

New Steel Core Cello strings with moderate tension and rich, round tone.


Velvet cello strings are made with the same synthetic core as the bass strings. Premium quality, warm gut-like tone, and supreme evenness between strings.