LaBella Double Bass Strings

We have discontinued LaBella Strings

Labella Black Nylon

Black Nylon wound on Steel rope core. These string have a thick diameter, and a loose feel. They are intended for slap style playing, but are well suited for any Pizzicato style.

Labella Elite Series

Elite series strings are similar in construction to the LaBella Rope Core strings, but have additional characteristics that enhance the strings tone and responsiveness.

Labella Gut

LaBella Gut have plain G and D strings. The A and E are Silver Wound. An excellent choice for warm pizzicato tone with easy playability and comfortable feel.

Labella Rope Core

Steel Rope Core strings for Orchestral playing. Bright and responsive. Moderate cost.

Labella Steel

Solid Steel core string intended for orchestral playing. A great choice for student basses.

Labella Supernil

One of the only Nylon core bass strings still on the market. Thick diameter, loose tension are comfortable to play. A good choice for mostly Pizzicato playing. Low cost.