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Violin Cases

Cases from Bam, Bobelock, Musafia, Gewa Pro Tec, HC, Musilia, Pedi and Eastman. Let's face it, part of what we love about instruments is their beautiful appearance. An attractive case enhances one's appreciation of string instruments. We invite you to indulge your imagination and explore our selection of fine cases.

We are offering FREE Shipping on all Bam, Musafia and Musilia Violin cases. Visit the specific product page for these items, for more information.

Bam Violin Cases

Stylish cases with sophisticated design. Made in France and Thaiiand

Bobelock Violin Cases

The Value leader for decades. Reliable, protective and affordable.

Gewa Violin Cases

Gewa has been known for cases for over a hundred years. Made in Germany and China

Pedi Violin Cases

"Steel Shield" shell and unique aesthetics

Musilia Violin Cases

Carbon Hybrid and Carbon models for professional players.

Musafia Violin Cases

Made in Italy to the highest standards.

Pro Tec Violin Cases

Lightweight, affordable and reliable cases from Korea.

Eastman Violin Cases

Eastman cases are made in China with the care you've come to know from products by this company. High Value, unique style and protection.

HC Violin Cases

HC Cases. Huge line of value-oriented cases made in China

Case Covers

We offer case covers from Bobelock, Mooradian and Altieri

Cases Tech

Information to help you choose the right case.