Thomastik Strings for Viola

Thomastik maintains a prominent position in string making, through continued innovation and improvement of their string designs and processes.

Thomastik Dominant

A game-changer nearly 50 years ago remains a top choice for professionals and students alike. Nylon core offers a balance between warmth and focus. Consider your favorite A for use with the Dominant D, G and C. Dominant Pro is new, and offers updated technology to increase lifespan, and produce a warm, round tone shape similar to Pirastro Obligato.

Thomastik Peter Infeld (PI)

Peter Infeld (PI) represent a leap forward in string design. Extremely long lifespan, complex tone and projection. These have become a top choice for professional players.

Thomastik Precision

Solid steel core strings offer high volume, bright tone balance and durability. Good choice for folk style playing, student instruments, or electric instruments.

Thomastik Spirocore

Steel rope core string offers quick response, volume and projection. Long life span. The Silver G and Tungsten C are top sellers among professional players, who need a quick response and maximum projection.

Thomastik Superflexible

Steel rope core string that is offers warmer tone balance, and smoother texture compared to Spirocore.

Thomastik Vision

Vision strings offer composite core lifespan and complexity of tone. Solo Vision are higher in tension for maximum power and projection. Consider your favorite A string for use with the Vision D, G and C.

Thomastik Alphayue

New synthetic core strings for students. Upgrade from your student steel strings, for about the same price as steel.