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35 Years and Counting

We are excited to continue as a leader in the bowed instrument community, while also branching out into all music product categories. Supporting the community that provides enrichment to our society through musical creativity and education is what drives us forward each day.

Violin Strings

We offer the largest selection of strings found anywhere; Small sizes, thin or thick gauges, obscure brands. We have a vast selection to meet the needs of every player, instrument and budget. Email us if you need help choosing strings, or visit the String Tech page for detailed technical information about strings and their application.

Viola Strings

Browse the largest selection anywhere! We pride ourselves on offering the complete range of strings, no matter how obscure. Here you'll find small sizes, thin and thick gauges, optional strings within a set, which other dealers don't bother to carry. Email us if you need help choosing strings.

Cello Strings

We offer strings for every Cello, and every Cello player. On these pages, you will find the widest selection anywhere. We not only offer the popular choices, but the hard-to-find light and heavy gauges, small sizes, and optional strings within a set. With so many choices, you might need help. Email us for advice to ensure you are making the right choice.

Double Bass Strings

Our selection can not be beat. We offer the widest range of strings for bass found anywhere. Contact us for advice on which strings to use. We have many years experience matching players with the right string products. Bass strings are expensive. Don't take chances.

Cases and Bags

Cases and Bags for for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and Bows. We carry all the popular brands; Musafia, Bam, Bobelock, Gewa, Musilia, and many more.

Instruments and Bows

Pages in this department represent models we have in stock, were stocked in the past, or are available quickly. The best way to shop for an instrument or bow with us, is first to contact us by email so we can discuss your unique needs. We are confident to find the perfect match in our current collection.


We offer a massive selection of Shoulder Rests, Rosin, Tuners, Metronomes, Mutes, Electronics, Chin Rests, Music Stands, Humidifiers, Wolf Eliminators, Practice Aids, and hundreds of other items. Many small items can ship with "strings-only" orders over $30 and still be eligible for free shipping offers.

Instrument Rentals

Not all rentals are created equal. We pride ourselves on offering desirable quality rental instruments and by maintaining them beautifully. We also offer step up rentals for students who have advanced, but are not ready to purchase a suitable instrument.