Brack Cello Cases

Swiss made, professional model lightweight case. Brack developed the first ultralight case in the late 1980s and they remain a serious player's case.

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Brack Ultralight

Thanks to composite sandwich material technology, the Brack case is featherlight at only 3.5 kg. It is also extremely strong. Your Brack case protects your valuable instrument safely from heat and cold, and also provides optimal crash protection. User-friendly locking system: four lockable attaché closures guarantee fast and troublefree handling. Two leather handles, Two bow hodlers and one side pocket. Gray interior lining. Two carrying straps for backpack carrying. Easily replacable hardware. Made in Black Metallic, White, White Pearl, Red, Blue Metallic, Silver Metallic and Black. Special metallic and techno effect black available by special order. Accommodates cellos up to 370 mm upper bout, 460 mm lower bout, and 1,240 mm total length (not including endpin) Endpin space is 50 mm.

Available Exterior Colors:
Black Metallic
White Pearl
Blue Metallic
Silver Metallic