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D'Addario has produced strings in America since 1905 and is the largest string manufacturer in the world. The use of high-tech machinery like their Tension Control System guarantees consistency of each of the hundreds of thousands of strings produced daily. D'Addario uses recycled and recyclable materials in the packaging, and soy based ink in much of their product line. We carry the complete line of bowed strings from D'Addario.

Zyex The Zyex core material was developed for the Aerospace industry but is also suited for it's new application in a Violin string. This was one of the first composite core strings introduced on the market. They remain one of the most affordable strings of this type. Zyex are now offered in all sizes. For 4/4 size Violin, three gauges are offered.

Helicore Steel rope core string. Helicores are crafted with a multi-strand twisted steel core. These strings have a very small diameter to provide extremely quick bow response. They sound subtle under the ear, yet offer great projection in large concert halls. Helicores stay in tune especially well due to their cores, and retain a long playing life. Made in all sizes.

Kaplan Vivo. A new composite core set designed to compete with more costly brands such as Evah Pirazzi or Peter Infeld. Vivo delivers brilliance, clarity and a robust feel for darker instruments.

Kaplan Amo. A new composite core set designed to compete with more costly brands such as Evah Pirazzi or Peter Infeld. Amo deliver warmth, richness and flexibility for brighter instruments.

Kaplan The non-whistling E string. It is wound, but thinner than other wound strings. They retain a good response as a result. This E string works well along with most any choice of A, D and G.

Kaplan Golden Spiral
Premier gut core string. Pirastro is the king of Gut core Violin strings, but D'Addario's offering is a worthy alternative, especially considering the nice price. The Golden Spiral E string is a very popular choice for use with other brands of A, D and G.

Prelude D'Addario Preludes are solid high-carbon steel core strings with polished pure nickel windings. Introduced in 1983, Preludes have undergone systematic improvements to make them the finest sounding and playing student-grade strings on the market today. This is the string we use most on our student Violin and rental outfit setups. Available in all sizes.

Pro Arte A synthetic Perlon core enables D'Addario's Pro Arte strings to offer the sound and feel of traditional gut strings without the problems associated with gut cores. Pro Arte are a good alternative to other Perlon core strings like Dominant because their cost is significantly lower. Available in small sizes


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