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Browse through the selection by clicking in the left side of our site. You'll find the product information you need along the way.
Pro Tec. Student and Intermediate models made in Korea.

Bobelock. Broad Range of models made in Philippines. (All models on sale now. Use the coupon code: bobelock10 in our shopping cart. )

Concord. Chinese made models focus on value andfeatures. The only adjustable violin case.

HC. Low priced, high value cases for students. Made in China.

Pedi. New, light, Oblong model with moderate price.

Negri. Made in Spain. Top models for professional use with understated style.

Gewa. Classic German and Chinese made cases known for durability and aesthetic appeal.

Bam. The true leader in innovative design concept and manufacturing process. Bam is committed to offering a product with excellent value and aesthetic appeal.

Musafia. Italian made, exclusive models inspire the "wow factor". Take a look. Even if you are not a buyer of one of these cases, you will enjoy their stunning appearance.

NEW-FASTER PRODUCTION TIMES for Musafia cases. Delivery times average 20 weeks.

Free Domestic Shipping We are offering free domestic shipping on all Gewa, Bam,and Musafia cases. Please visit the specific product page for more information on this offer.

The most important question we hear from our customers is "How much should I spend on a case?" The encouraging fact is, protective cases are not expensive. You can get top quality protection on almost any budget. What you get with higher prices more features, premium quality fabrics, hardware and distictive designs. High end models offer lighter weights, extra strength, and/or a unique aesthetic appeal. If those factors are important to you, the extra budget is appropriate.

Let's face it, part of what we love about violins is their beautiful appearance. An attractive case enhances one's appreciation of string instruments. We invite you to indulge your imagination and explore our selection of fine cases. Don't forget to visit the manufacturer's websites. Additional information, and photos are available. If you have any questions, please contact us any time.

If you really like the appearance of your case, you might want to display it prominently with the lid open. A violin case can be the perfect centerpiece on the piano in your studio. However, the alignment of the lid may be temporarily compromised if left open for extended periods of time. Gravity has a gradual effect of slightly warping the parts of your case. So, when you go to close the case, the lid does not meet the base perfectly. No worry, this is only temporary. If you leave the case closed for an extended period of time, it will "remember" its proper alignment.

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