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Padded Bags and Flight Cases for Bass. We offer a very wide range of soft padded bags for bass, as well as true travel cases for the most demanding of travel requirements. Look at the bottom of the page for flight cases.

Free Domestic Shipping. We are offering free domestic shipping on Mooradian bass bags. Here is how it works: Add a qualifying item to your shopping cart and come back to this page. Click on this Free Shipping icon to get the discount equal to the cost of Ground shipping. International customers may use this discount too.


Mooradian Professional choice for many years. Deluxe model is 1 inch foam padded. Lots of handles, pockets, and shoulder strap included. One Year warranty. Made in US. Click HERE for sizing chart. Custom bags available in the DeLuxe model for a small price premium.

DeLuxe Model shown above.

DeLuxe Model
4/4 Bass $546.00 Order
7/8 Small Bass $519.00 Order
7/8 Medium Bass $519.00 Order
7/8 Large Bass $519.00 Order
3/4 Small Bass $471.00 Order
3/4 Medium Bass $471.00 Order
3/4 Large Bass $471.00 Order
5/8 Bass $458.00 Order
1/2 Bass $458.00 Order
1/4 Bass $447.00 Order
1/8 Bass $447.00 Order
Standard Model
4/4 Bass $383.00 Order
7/8 Bass $361.00 Order
3/4 Bass $332.00 Order
5/8 Bass $316.00 Order
1/2 Bass $316.00 Order
1/4 Bass $299.00 Order
1/8 Bass $299.00 Order

Standard model

DeLuxe model offered in:
Black Exterior
Blue Exterior
Green Exterior
Burgundy Exterior
Silver Exterior

HC offers a range of bags with various levels of padding. Black canvas exterior with backpack straps, multiple handles. Good overall value in each model. Made in China. One Year warranty. Cello bag models are pictured here.

Light Padded
Better Padded Heavy Padded

Better Padded
7/8 Bass $135.00 Order
3/4 Bass $135.00 Order
1/2 Bass $135.00 Order
1/4 Bass $135.00 Order
Heavy Padded
7/8 Bass $249.00 Order
3/4 Bass $249.00 Order
1/2 Bass $249.00 Order
1/4 Bass $249.00 Order



Bobelock Bobelock is known for reliable quality and great value for the price.. Black Nylon exterior. 1 inch foam padding with extra padding over the bridge area. One large back pocket for music. Two smaller front pockets. Multiple handles for ease of carrying. Soft nylon lining. Shoulder straps. One Bow sleeve. Accessory pockets on front. Music pocket. Large non-scratch zipper. The soft generously padded bass bags have been very are popular for years and remain one of the best selling soft bass bags today.

4/4 size: Length 80", UB – 30", LB – 36", 10" thick at rib (9.5 lbs)
7/8 size: Length 74", UB – 24", LB – 29", 9" thick at rib (9 lbs)
3/4 size: Length 72", UB – 23", LB – 28", 9" thick at rib (9 lbs)
1/2 size: Length 65", UB – 22", LB – 27", 8" thick at rib (8.5 lbs)

4/4 $229.00 Order
7/8 $229.00 Order
3/4 $229.00 Order
1/2 $229.00 Order


Concord Chinese import with a reputation for reliability for decades. Lightly padded model is 1100 Denier, Water-Resistant Cordura with minimal foam padding, side zipper, and multiple handles for convenience, Music and bow pocket, Back-Pack carrying style. Black Only. New DeLuxe padded model competes with professional grade bass bags from other brands, but costs much less.

DeLuxe model shown above

Light Padded Model.
7/8 $90.00 Order
3/4 $90.00 Order
5/8 $90.00 Order
1/2 $90.00 Order
1/4 $90.00 Order
1/8 $90.00 Order
DeLuxe Padded Model
7/8 $285.00 Order
3/4 $285.00 Order
5/8 $285.00 Order
1/2 $285.00 Order
1/4 $285.00 Order

DeLuxe model offered in:

David Gage Flight Case The premium strength case on the market. Made from Spectra ®, the same material used in body armor. This case can literally stop a bullet! Shipping price will be quoted depending on your location. Provide measurements of your bass with order. We proudly introduce our new Gage Cases™ for Bass and Cello, specifically designed for when you can not travel with your instrument right beside you. Whether in flight, in the luggage compartment, in the back of a truck or riding the rails, you can be sure and secure that your instrument is in the most protective trunk made.

The Gage Case™ is a composition construction made of SPECTRA™, carbon fiber and graphite to assure maximum strength through structure. SPECTRA™ is lighter and stronger than fiberglass or Kevlar™. White exterior to reflect ultraviolet rays, keeping instrument cool. Neoprene gasket lining seated in top lip retaining trough to seal out moisture. All latches and handles recessed to guard against damage. Spring loaded, rubber grip, strategically placed handles that recoil below the surface of the trunk. Interior fitted with unique air bag and suspension system. Each bag has two connected chambers that conform to the instrument's shape. Tough rubber sling that cradles the scroll and absorbs vibration and impact. Humidifier in all trunks; necessary when traveling in high altitudes and through different climates. Cases designed to have padded cover over instrument while in the case, affording extra humidity and temperature protection. Inset nylon wheels, light and strong. Extremely wide wheel base at bottom of back. No tipping while going over cobblestones, rounding corners or rushing through airports.

Featherlight Bass $3,795.00 Order
Standard Bass $2,700.00 Order
Contact us by email for 7/8 size, or the light model made by Gage

Gewa Mammoth German made flight cases. Fiberglass synthetic resin shell bass case with swivel wheels. White exterior with red velour interior. Accessory compartment and bow pockets in adjustable interior. Instrument suspension system, and SPS Side Protection System. Made in Germany, Swiss latches. weighs 55 lbs.

4/4 Bass $4,650.00 Order
7/8 Bass $4,650.00 Order
3/4 Bass $4,650.00 Order




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