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Rosin products can be confusing. Many rosins are similar. We have displayed popular and recommended choices near the top. If you don't have a particular choice in mind, choose from those listed first. Andrea Rosin has been a top seller, despite the price. It's OK to leave your strings coated with rosin. If you see build-up of rosin on your strings, remove it. Build-up is a sign you are using too much rosin. Good rosins should not flake off the bow and string to accumulate on the body of your instrument. Rosins like Andrea, Melos and others stick to the strings and hair remarkably well. You won't have to apply rosin as often, and performance is consistent.

Andrea Rosin. Started life as Tartni Rosin, and was hugely successful. Now sold under the brand Andrea. Very strong grip under higher bow pressure, but delicate control when needed also.

Violin Solo $33.00 Order
Violin Orchestra $33.00 Order
Viola Solo $33.00 Order
Viola Orchestra $33.00 Order
Cello Solo $35.00 Order
Cello Orchestra $35.00 Order
Bass $27.99 Order

Andrea A Piacere. This rosin is the reintroduction of the Tartini "Green" Formula. It has a commanding grip like the Solo rosin, but a finer grain. Players have been asking for this for many years, and now it's available again.

Violin A Piacere $33.99 Order
Viola A Piacere $33.99 Order
Cello A Piacere $34.99 Order

Andrea Half Sized Cakes. We are pleased to offer smaller cakes of the popular Andrea Rosins, to make them more accessible to those on a budget.

1/2 Cake Violin Solo $21.00 Order
1/2 Cake Viola Solo $21.00 Order
1/2 Cake Cello Solo $22.00 Order
1/2 Cake Violin A Piacere $22.00 Order
1/2 Cake Viola A Piacere $22.00 Order
1/2 Cake Cello A Piacere $22.50 Order


Evah GOLD. New Pirastro rosin specially formulated for use with today's advanced composite core strings.

Evah GOLD $21.66 Order

Pierre Guillaume. Good rosin in a decorative and protective wooden container.

Violin/Viola $24.50 Order

Pirastro GoldFlex. Light, for Violin or Viola. Has tiny filings of Gold and other metals to faciliate extra grip over Gold.

Violin/Viola $14.00 Order

Bernardel. Very popular, moderately priced. On cloth, in a fabric pouch.

Violin/Viola $7.95 Order

Salchow. Premium dark rosin for Violin, Viola or Cello.

Violin/Viola/Cello $10.99 Order

Pop's. THE standard bass rosin for decades.

Bass $7.95 Order

Peter Infeld. New rosin from Thomastik. Strong effect, that is subtle with light bow pressure. Stays on the hair well, so reapplication is not needed as often.

Violin/Viola $24.99 Order


Hill. A standard for decades. Light for Violin/Viola. Dark is stickier, and is suitable for Violin/Viola/Cello.Packaged on Cloth

Dark $8.45 Order
Light $8.45 Order

Millant-Deroux. Premium quality, popular choice for Violin/Viola players.


Violin/Viola Light $8.99 Order
Violin/Viola Dark $8.99 Order
Violin/Viola Gold & Silver $8.95 Order

Carlsson. Made in Sweden.

Bass $12.99 Order

Jade. Green,hypoallergenic Rosin.

Violin/Viola/Cello $8.79 Order
Bass $12.79 Order

Larsen. From the popular string maker. packaged on cloth.

Violin $17.49 Order
Cello $17.49 Order

Nyman. Popular Swedish-made Bass Rosin

Bass $12.25 Order

RDM Motrya Gold. Made for Violin/Viola and Cello use, but it's mostly popular as a Cello rosin. Has tiny filings of Gold and other metals.

Violin/Viola/Cello $12.50 Order

Pirastro Gold. Light, for Violin or Viola.

Violin/Viola $11.71 Order

Pirastro Cello. Basic rosin for Cello.

Cello $10.61 Order

Pirastro Cellisto. Stronger than basic Cello.

Cello $13.33 Order

Pirastro Oliv. This is also known as Evah/Olive Rosin.

Violin/Viola $14.00 Order

Pirastro Eudoxa.

Violin/Viola $13.11 Order

Pirastro Obligato. Newest of the Pirastro Rosin offerings. Very similar to other rosins.

Violin/Viola $10.61 Order

Thomastik Dominant Rosin. Protective metal container.

Violin/Viola $8.99 Order

Super Sensitive Mini. Tiny cakes packed in wood. So small an inexpensive you won't feel bad for losing or breaking one. For Violin, Viola or Cello.

Light $2.95 Order
Dark $2.95 Order

Kaplan Premium Cool Flip-Top is protective, and easy to use.

Violin/Viola $11.50 Order

Super Sensitive Clarity Clear colored, hypoallergenic.

Violin/Viola $10.95 Order
Cello $10.95 Order
Bass Winter $10.95 Order
Bass Summer $10.95 Order

Kolstein. Premium full line of rosins for every instrument. Moderate price makes these a great value.

Violin $10.95 Order
Viola $10.95 Order
Cello Normal $10.95 Order
Cello Medium $10.95 Order
Bass Hard $10.95 Order
Bass Soft $10.95 Order
Bass All Weather $10.95 Order

Rosin Sampler Packs. Assorted, popular rosins packaged together, at an extra discount. Violin and Viola sampler packs have one each of; Bernardel, Pirastro GoldFlex, Kolstein, Hill Dark, and Millant-Deroux. Cello Sampler Packs have one each of; RDM Motrya Gold, Hill Dark, Kolstein, Royal Oak, and Pirastro Cellisto

Violin Rosin Sampler $39.99 Order
Viola Rosin Sampler $39.99 Order
Cello Rosin Sampler $49.99 Order

Melos. New Rosins from Greece. Light rosin is not as sticky as dark.

Violin Light $17.95 Order
Violin Dark $17.95 Order
Cello Light $17.95 Order
Cello Dark $17.95 Order
Bass Light $17.95 Order
Bass Dark $17.95 Order


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