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Features & Terms
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Violin Rentals
Rentals from $23.85 to $43.74 per month
Viola Rentals
Rentals from $25.84 to $45.72 per month
Cello Rentals
Rentals from $33.79 to $59.63 per month
Bass Rentals
Rentals from $78.53 per month

With the help of Monterey Financial (formerly National Music Funding) we have designed the most competitive rent-to-own program anywhere. Monterey Financial is a company that specializes in helping music retailers finance a rental fleet.

The decision to rent an instrument instead of purchasing one has broader implications for the student than most realize. Usually, the reason to rent is based on uncertainty of whether or not the child will continue to play. Why buy an instrument if it’s going to end up in the closet like any other forgotten toy? We hear this time and again from parents.

Although it is reasonable to choose the rental option for it’s flexibility, the decision itself could become a factor in why the student will eventually quit. An instrument that is of low quality, badly adjusted and poorly maintained is nearly a guarantee the child will lose interest quickly. Rental instruments from many shops are typically hard to play, sound bad and don’t look good either.

Purchasing an instrument instead of renting represents a commitment of the parent as well as the student. The parent should make a commitment to music education, not just the child. If an instrument is purchased, parents will ensure that the student continues to play. Renting to minimize the costs of the loss of a student’s interest can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Many are surprised to learn that the vast majority of professional musicians had ever wanted to quit playing. It is natural at times in the growth of an individual to feel like giving up something that is challenging. Occasionally, there will be days when a committed string player wants to quit. Knowing that the rental instrument can be returned helps the parent justify allowing the student to do so. Purchasing a quality instrument helps to encourage both the parent and the student will get through these difficult times and remain committed for the long term.

The other reason people rent an instrument is to avoid the high cost of purchasing. High quality instruments are very expensive. If you cannot afford to buy an instrument at this time, it is still possible to obtain a quality product through a rental program.

Most rental programs offer some sort of equity accumulation, which can be used to purchase an instrument later. Our rental program also gathers credit toward a purchase. You can purchase the instrument you were given as your rental, or you can choose an instrument from our regular selection, using the equity from your payments. This is most often what our customers decide to do.

The quality of instruments we choose for our rental program is based on assumptions of higher minimum requirements. Of course our instruments meet the requirements of the NEMC and other organizations. These specifications are helpful, but not an assurance of adequacy. We are certain our rental instruments far exceed the minimum quality requirements of others.

We would be able to reduce our monthly fee by purchasing less expensive instruments for our rental fleet. We hope you will not shop for a rental by comparing only prices. There exist rental programs that charge $9.95 per month or less. We will not compete on price alone, but we blow the competition away with our value.

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