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Features & Terms
This is an overview of our program. Read all of this information.
Violin Rentals
Rentals from $23.96 to $43.94 per month
Viola Rentals
Rentals from $25.96 to $45.93 per month
Cello Rentals
Rentals from $33.95 to $59.91 per month
Bass Rentals
Rentals from $78.89 per month


Rent-to-own terms. Our rental agreements allow for the eventual purchase of an instrument. If you rent for 36 months, you automatically own your outfit at that time. Early purchase options are available as well. Roughly 80% of your monthly payment goes toward the purchase of an instrument, should you decide to buy one.

Switch sizes freely at no cost while renting

Instrument, bow, case (or padded bag for cello and bass), rosin included. For Violin/Viola, a shoulder pad is included.

Regular maintenance items, such as string replacement or bow rehair, provided at no cost while on the rental program.

We do not offer insurance.

3 Month minimum rental period. (You pay only one month at a time)

Automatic billing to a credit/debit card.

Email us for more information.


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