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We offer a large selection of Accessory items. On this page you will find Mutes, Humidifiers, Practice Aids/Hand Health, Wolf Tone Eliminators, Cleaners/Polishes, Fine Tuners (string adjusters), Peg Compound, Instrument Stands, and more. Many of the items listed here you might not even know existed, so feel free to browse. Also, we are always on the search for new products, so let us know if there is an item you would like to see included in our selection.
Mutes. All of these products are intended for orchestral use, except where noted as a practice mute.

Original Tourte Mute. Available in Single or Double Hole. Single hole model fits on one string. The Double hold model fits on two strings. For 4/4 size Violin or Viola.

Single Hole $1.89 Order
Double Hole $1.89 Order

Spector Mute. Designed by Fred Spector, of the Chicago Symphony. Made by Super Sensitive.


4/4 Violin $5.49 Order

Colors Available:

Beck Magnetic Mute. The benefit of this design is low rattle. The magnetic portion secures the mute firmly against the tailpiece when not in use. Other Mutes can buzz when not in use. Fits 4/4 Violin and Viola.






4/4 Violin $9.49 Order


Baroque Bling. Why didn't someone think of this before? Such a fun way to add a little flair to your instrument, or as a gift. We know some teachers that use this product as a prize for a practice competition with their students.

Light Amethyst
Luxe Stud
Black Diamond
Rockin' Granite

Diamond $34.99 Order
Golden $34.99 Order
Light Amethyst $34.99 Order
Rainbow $34.99 Order
Aquamarine $34.99 Order
Fire $34.99 Order
Water $34.99 Order
Ruby $34.99 Order
Black Diamond $34.99 Order
Rockin' Granite $34.99 Order
Rose $34.99 Order
Topaz $34.99 Order
Luxe Stud $34.99 Order


Finissima Mute. Fits between the A and D strings. Similar function to the Spector Mute. Endorsed by Isaac Stern, who claims the tone of this mute is superior to others. 4/4 Violin Only.

4/4 Violin $10.99 Order

Ultra Rubber Practice Mute. Compared to the metal mute, this product is not as quiet, but has a warmer tone, which is more pleasing to most players. Also, it's safer for the instrument, as the metal mute is slippery and heavy, and if dropped on the instrument can cause varnish damage.

4/4 Violin $4.79 Order


Metal Practice Mute. For the ultimate in sound reduction. You can feel the extra resistance in the bow, as this product essentially increases the mass of the bridge considerably. As a result, it's not recommended that a person spend a lot of time practicing with a mute, because the player's technique can be altered by trying to overwork the instrument.

4/4 Violin $11.99 Order


Ebony Mute. This is the style of mute used historically. It's effect is somewhere between a modern orchestra mute, and a practice mute.


4/4 Violin $3.99 Order

Slide-On Wire Mute. An old design that still functions very well. Secure when not in use, and low cost.

4/4 Violin $3.95 Order

Leather Mute. Decorated with a Celtic knot pattern.

4/4 Violin $22.50 Order


Fine Tuners (String adjusters)

Hill Style E string tuner. This tuner is designed for E strings with a loop end. It is not intended for use with any other type of string. Installs easily on traditional wooden tailpieces. Fits 3/4-4/4 Violin. This type of tuner is superior to the double prong type, because it is lighter, and does not shorten the "afterlength" of the string. The optional E string protector is a small rubberized-plastic part which covers the metal hook, to prevent breakage of the string. Does not require professional installation.

Black $4.31 Order
Black with Gold $5.18 Order
Gold $8.91 Order
Nickel $5.46 Order
E string protector $0.50 Order

"Uni", also known as Piccolo Tuner. This tuner is suitable for Violin E or Viola A, with steel core. It sits on top of the tailpiece, which has the same benefit as the Hill style, by not shortening the "afterlength" of the string, like the double prong type. Violists using a synthetic core, or gut core A string can use this tuner, but it will be less effective, as these string types are elastic than steel core strings. Does not require professional installation.


4/4 Violin or Viola $4.60 Order

Ullsperger String Adjusters. Titanium and Alumininum/Titanium models for steel and gut/synthetic strings. Does not require professional installation.

Titanium with Narrow Slot $38.50 Order
Titanium with Wide Slot $38.50 Order
Titanium/Aluminum Silver for use with Steel strings. $8.89 Order
Titanium/Aluminum Silver for use with Gut/Synth strings. $8.89 Order
Titanium/Aluminum Black for use with Steel strings. $8.89 Order
Titanium/Aluminum Black for use with Gut/Synth strings. $8.89 Order
Titanium/Aluminum Black with Gold srew, for use with Steel strings. $10.25 Order
Titanium/Aluminum Black with Gold screw, for use with Gut/Synth strings. $10.25 Order


Aluminum-Titanium Black

Aluminum-Titanium Silver




Wittner Double Prong. Suitable for use with steel strings. As with other tuners, these tuners are not as effective when used with synthetic or gut core strings. Does not require professional installation.

4/4-3/4 Black $3.45 Order
4/4-3/4 Nickel $3.45 Order
1/2-1/4 Black $3.45 Order
1/2-1/4 Nickel $3.45 Order

D'Addario Ball/Loop converter. This accessory adapts a ball E string, for use with a Hill style tuner. Does not require professional installation.

4/4 Violin $4.95 Order

Austrian-Made Titanium. Premium double prong tuner. Lightweight and precise. 1.8 grams. Does not require professional installation.

4/4 Violin $79.00 Order

Suzuki Tuner. Suitable for use with steel strings. This tuner installs on the string itself, and works to adjust the pitch by deflecting the angle of the string. Fits any size Violin or Viola. Does not require professional installation.

Any Size Violin $1.40 Order


Practice Aids/Hand Health

Virtuoso Wrist. A left-hand training device for students or proficient players alike.

4/4-1/2 Violin Black $13.95 Order
4/4-1/2 Violin Blue $13.95 Order
4/4-1/2 Violin Purple $13.95 Order
1/4-1/16 Violin Black $13.95 Order
1/4-1/16 Violin Blue $13.95 Order
1/4-1/16 Violin Purple $13.95 Order

Don't Fret. Fingerboard guide that shows the position of notes. This is superior to using tape, as it is flat. Tape can cause strings to buzz.





4/4 Violin or 14 inch Viola $4.50 Order
3/4 Violin or 14 inch Viola $4.50 Order
1/2 Violin or 14 inch Viola $4.50 Order
1/4 Violin $4.50 Order
1/8 Violin $4.50 Order
1/10 Violin $4.50 Order
1/16 Violin $4.50 Order

First Fret. Fingerboard guide that shows the position of notes. This is superior to using tape, as it is flat. Tape can cause strings to buzz. Same as Don't Fret, but only covers first position.





4/4 Violin $2.99 Order
3/4 Violin $2.99 Order
1/2 Violin $2.99 Order
1/4 Violin $2.99 Order
1/8 Violin $2.99 Order
1/10 Violin $2.99 Order
1/16 Violin $2.99 Order

Bow Hold Buddies and Hold Fish. Bow Hold Buddies is a set of 2 parts that attach to the bow, to teach proper bow hold. Fits any size bow. Hold Fish is just the pinky part of this set.

Bow Hold Buddies    
Bright Blue $26.96 Order
Sparkly Pink $26.96 Order
Green and Gold $26.96 Order
Concert Black $26.96 Order
Hold Fish    
Concert Black $17.96 Order
Frosty Clear $17.96 Order
Bright Blue $17.96 Order
Sunny Yellow $17.96 Order
Sparkly Pink $17.96 Order

Super Sensitive Tone Shaper. This practice aid creates a lane for proper bow position. Fits all sizes of Violin and Viola.

4/4-1/8 Violin $24.95 Order

Bow Mate. This accessory provides a comfortable position for the index finger of your left hand.

4/4 Violin Ebony $8.95 Order
4/4 Violin Ocean Blue $8.95 Order
4/4 Violin Ivory $8.95 Order
4/4 Violin Pink $8.95 Order

Super Sensitive Bow Master. This practice aid helps with proper bow hold, by providing a space for each finger of your right hand. Large size is for adults. Smaller sizes are for students.

Small $9.45 Order
Medium $9.45 Order
Large $9.45 Order

Gewa Bow Handle Protector. Covers the stick and front portion of the Frog for a more comfortable grip. Thinner than the surgical tubing many players use.

Transparent $9.00 Order
Black $9.00 Order

Wristies. Provides support and warmth. Sold Singly. Available in Black, Brown, Camel, Hot Pink, Navy and Purple. Color selection is made in the shopping cart.

Original Large $15.00 Order
Original Small $15.00 Order
Kids Large $14.00 Order
Kids Small $14.00 Order

StringVision Bow Grip. Anti-fatigue bow frog cover. One size fits all 4/4 bows; Violin, Viola or Cello. Thumb indent is a comfortable location to place your thumb, and is the main feature of this product.

All 4/4 Bows $9.95 Order


Viotech Suregrip. Two per container. Covers the stick and part of the frog for extra comfort. Similar to the popular Dalco products, which are no longer available.


4/4 Violin or Viola $9.50 Order


Wrist Rascal. Teachers love this accessory. Correct a student's poor left hand posture instantly. That's one less thing you have to tell a student repeatedly.

Large (4/4-3/4) $15.95 Order
Medium (1/4-1/2) $15.95 Order
Small (1/8-1/16) $15.95 Order

Gewa Bow Corrector. Attaches to the fingerboard, to create a gated path for the correct bowing plane.

4/4-3/4 Violin $59.00 Order
1/4-1/2 Violin $59.00 Order


Arm Bow Corrector. Attaches to the fingerboard easily, to limit the bow position within the correct plane.

4/4-1/2 Violin $25.07 Order


Bowzo. Flexible plastic, low cost, and easy to put on and take off. Fits 4/4-1/4 size Violin.

4/4-1/4 Violin $16.99 Order



Oasis. Mounts inside your case for consistent, convenient protection. Releases the correct amount of moisture automatically. Distilled water is recommended for longest life of the product. It's easy to know when you need to add water, because the container shrinks when nearly empty. The Case "Plus" model is for extremely dry climates.

Case Humidifier $19.95 Order
Case "Plus" Humidifier $19.95 Order
Hygrometer with clip $29.95 Order
Replacement gel kit

Dampit. The original instrument humidifier. Fits in the F-Hole of the instrument. Daily filling is necessary under extremely dry conditions. Use distilled water for longer life. Includes a humidity guide, to show you when to use the dampit.

Violin $10.49 Order
Small Violin (1/16-1/4) $10.49 Order


Stretto. Gel pack holds a lot of water, and releases just the right amount of moisture automatically. For Violin or Viola.

Original Gray $29.95 Order
Black $34.95 Order
Green $34.95 Order
Red $34.95 Order
Blue $34.95 Order
4 Replacement bags for Gray $14.95 Order
4 Replacement bags for colors $17.95 Order
Hygrometer $42.95 Order


Planet Waves. This is the long-awaited humidifer from D'Addario. They used to have a very popular product, which was discontinued. This new humidifier is sure to become a favorite as well. Mounts easily in your case for convenient, consistent moisture levels.

Violin or Viola $7.99 Order


Planet Waves BluStream. Temperature, Humidity and impact sensor with BlueTooth Connectivity.

BluStream $59.99 Order



Wolf Tone Eliminators

RezX Resonance Modulator. This product is not so much a wolf eliminator as a tone adjuster. It can function as a wolf tone eliminator, but the intent is to use it to modulate the response and tone balance of an instrument by experimenting with the best placement on the body. Attaches magnetically.

4/4 Violin $49.68 Order

Original, Danish Style Eliminator. Attaches to the G string behind the bridge. Changing the position modulates the effect.

Violin or Viola $11.99 Order

Super Sensitive Wolf-Be-Gone. Similar to the Danish model, but made by Super Sensitive, and sold a a lower cost.

Violin or Viola $6.57 Order


New Harmony Wolf Tone Eliminator. Available in a range of weights, to match the relative severity of a wolf tone. Attaches to the string behind the bridge, as other models, but does not have a rubber insert. The metal to metal contact allows this product to be lighter, thereby causing less dampening effect on the instrument as a whole. Image shown includes Cello and Bass models.

1 Gram $14.40 Order
2 Grams $14.40 Order


Chin Rest Accessories

Strad Pad. These were originally available only in a Beige color with rubber band attachment. Now, other colors are available, and a lower cost Velcro attachment model is produced. Covers the Chinrest and Chinrest Hardware for more comfort. Washable.

Velcro Attachment Models
Regular Beige $15.79 Order
Regular Ebony $15.79 Order
Regular Rosewood $15.79 Order
Large Beige $17.29 Order
Large Ebony $17.29 Order
Large Rosewood $17.29 Order
Rubber Band Attachment Models
Regular Beige $21.75 Order
Regular Ebony $21.75 Order
Regular Rosewood $21.75 Order
Large Beige $25.49 Order
Large Ebony $25.49 Order
Large Rosewood $25.49 Order



Chin Chum. Fabric pad that covers any style of chinrest for added comfort.

Medium $8.68 Order
Large $8.68 Order

Impressionist Chin Rest Cover. Moldable to make a custom fit with your chin. Fits most shapes of 4/4 Violin or Viola chinrest.

Violin or Viola $13.95 Order

Hex Chinrest Key. Use this tool to install or remove chinrests with standard or Hill type hardware.

Hex Chinrest Key $3.00 Order

Chin Comforter Simple, fabric-covered, foam pad that attaches with adhesive backing to the top of a chinrest. 4/4 Violin only.

Guarneri $4.00 Order
Kaufman $3.25 Order

Gel Rest. Attaches to a Guarneri style chinrest surface for extra comfort. Available in several colors Can be removed, and replaced many times.

Black $14.50 Order
Amethyst $14.50 Order
Boxwood $14.50 Order
Cremona $14.50 Order
Jade $14.50 Order
Ruby $14.50 Order
Rosewood $14.50 Order


Peg Compound

Hill Peg Compound. For decades, this product has been the go-to solution for pegs which are not operating smoothly.


Hill Peg Compound $8.99 Order

Peg Drops. The liquid alternative to Hill compound. The advantage of this product is that you do not have to completely remove the peg to apply it.

Hill Peg Compound $7.99 Order

ToneRite. Vibrations of a specific frequency and amplitude cause the instrument to become more responsive and have a mature tone. We've used this product with success in our shop for years. On many instruments the results are positive.


ToneRite for Violin $199.00 Order

C-Clip. Protects the center bout of your violin from damage caused by accidental impact with the frog of your bow when playing.

C-Clip $13.50 Order

Hamilton KB125 Phone Holder. Mounts to your music stand for convenient placement of any smart phone. Spring-loaded adjustment makes easy in-and-out mounting of any brand or size of phone. Gooseneck provides fine adjustment to the placement. If you use your phone for recording audio/video, metronome, tuner, or if you just don't want to miss a text, this product is for you. Black and Red colors available. Comes with an adapter, so you can also mount this device on a microphone stand.

Hamilton Phone Holder $29.95 Order

John Pearse String Swipes. 20 pads you can use to clean your strings after playing. Extends the life of your strings, especially those wound with Aluminum.

String Swipes $11.95 Order


Bobelock Shoulder Rest Pouch. Attaches to the outside of the case. With snap closure. Fits most popular brands of 1/16-4/4 shoulder rests.

Shoulder Rest pouch $8.25 Order



Pro Tec Shoulder Rest Pouch. Attaches to the outside of the case. Padded, with snap closure.

Shoulder Rest pouch $9.95 Order


Neoprene Stretch Strap. A very comfortable shoulder strap, for use with any brand of Violin or Viola case. Carrying your case a lot? This product puts a price on relief.

Stretch Strap $27.50 Order


Bridge Jack. Made by Herdim in Germany. This device allows you to easily change bridges, without removing string tension from the body of the instrument. Tune the strings down slightly, then insert the jack. Raise the strings slightly, and then remove/replace the bridge.

Bridge Jack $41.55 Order


Sheet Music Clip. Handy clips to hold music to your music stand in winddy conditions.

Music Clip $7.99 Order

Metal Pitch Pipe. A little clearer and louder than the Super Sensitive model.


Pitch Pipe $6.00 Order

A440 Tuning fork. Chrome plated.

A440 Tuning fork $4.25 Order

Wittner Fine Tune Pegs. Wittner always gets it right with new products like these. Mechanical pegs which fit the existing peg holes of your instrument. Accurate tuning, without the use of fine tuners. Professional installation recommended. Two sizes available, depending on the size of the pegs currently on your instrument.

0.31 inches $95.00 Order
0.34 inches $95.00 Order

Pirastro String Oil. Intended for use with plain gut (unwound) strings to keep them moisturized.






String Oil $6.99 Order

Bobelock Music Tote bag. Canvas, with Velour lining. Plenty of storage for music and accessories. Available in Black or Gray.

Bobelock Tote Bag $17.91 Order


StringSwing. Use these products for convenient access to an instrument by mounting on a wall, or microphone stand.

StringSwing 4/4 Violin/Viola $19.95 Order
StringSwing with Bow holder $19.95 Order
StringSwing 1/8-3/4 Violin $19.95 Order
StringSwing Mic Stand Hanger with bow holder $19.95 Order
StringSwing Metal Flush Mount Black $17.95 Order
StringSwing Metal Flush Mount White $17.95 Order

Pro Tec DeLuxe Music Folder. Holds pages up to 13.25 x 10.5 inches. Reinforced corners and expandable interior pouches.

Pro Tec Music Folder $15.00 Order

Cleaner and Polish

Hill Cleaner. The standard choice of instrument cleaner for years. Use sparingly.

Hill Cleaner $8.95 Order

Planet Waves Polishing Cloth. Made by D'Addario. Treated, so no polish or cleaner is required.

Treated $2.25 Order

Planet Waves Micro Fiber Cloth. Made by D'Addario. Use dry, to clean and polish your instrument without cleaners or polishing products.

Micro Fiber Cloth $6.50 Order

Super Nikco. This is the polish we often use in our shop.







500 ml Bottle $35.95 Order


Super Sensitive Polish and Kits. Kits include a polish cloth.

8 ounce bottle $19.80 Order
2 ounce bottle $6.24 Order
1 ounce bottle $4.95 Order
Polishing cloth $3.25 Order
Kit with 2 ounce bottle $11.95 Order
Kit with 1 ounce bottle $7.95 Order




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