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We offer a large selection of Accessory items. On this page you will find Mutes, Humidifiers, Practice Aids/Hand Health, Wolf Tone Eliminators, Cleaners/Polishes, Fine Tuners (string adjusters), Peg Compound, Instrument Stands, and more. Many of the items listed here you might not even know existed, so feel free to browse. Also, we are always on the search for new products, so let us know if there is an item you would like to see included in our selection.
Mutes. All of these products are intended for orchestral use, except where noted as a practice mute.

Original Tourte Mute. The popular choice of orchestral mute for decades. 3/4-4/4 bass.

Bass Mute $6.79 Order

Ebony Mute. This is the style of mute used historically. It's effect is somewhere between a modern orchestra mute, and a practice mute. 3/4-4/4 bass.

Bass Mute $12.99 Order

Ultra Rubber Practice Mute. For 4/4-3/4 bass.

Ultra Mute $8.99 Order

Baroque Bling. Why didn't someone think of this before? Such a fun way to add a little flair to your instrument, or as a gift. We know some teachers that use this product as a prize for a practice competition with their students.

Black Diamond


Diamond $55.00 Order
Ultra Mute $55.00 Order


End Pin Rests.

Super Sensitive Stoppin'. Rubberized material is very sticky on all surfaces, so long as you keep it clean. Rinsing with water is all it takes to keep this product working very well. This is one of the products we recommend over others to customers in our showroom. For any size instrument

Small Clear $6.45 Order
Large Clear $10.95 Order
Large Green $10.95 Order
Large Blue $10.95 Order

Super Stop. Also known as Black Hole, or Dycem. This item is intended for Cello, but basses without a large rubber tip can use it. Gummy rubber bottom material is very good at sticking to most any surface. A small lip around the edge creates a suction, for extra strength hold. You might have to kick this end pin rest to get it off the floor! Keep it clean of dust and it will work very well.

Super Stop $13.80 Order

Xeros Endpin Anchor. Failsafe security. Works on any surface. The D Ring attaches to the leg of your chair. Adjustable strap length for any size player, or any length of end pin.

Any Size Bass $11.95 Order
Wolf Eliminators.

Original, Danish Style Eliminator. Attaches to the string behind the bridge. Changing the position modulates the effect.

Any size Bass $15.59 Order

RezX Resonance Modulator. This product is not so much a wolf eliminator as a tone adjuster. It can function as a wolf tone eliminator, but the intent is to use it to modulate the response and tone balance of an instrument by experimenting with the best placement on the body. Attaches magnetically. Felt covered, to protect varnish.

Any size Bass $104.76 Order

New Harmony Wolf Tone Eliminator. Available in a range of weights, to match the relative severity of a wolf tone. Attaches to the string behind the bridge, as other models, but does not have a rubber insert. The metal to metal contact allows this product to be lighter, thereby causing less dampening effect on the instrument as a whole. Image shown includes Cello and Bass models. Feel free to order several to try, and return accordingly.

16 Grams $14.40 Order
18 Grams $14.40 Order
20 Grams $14.40 Order
22 Grams $14.40 Order
24 Grams $14.40 Order
Set of 5 $72.00 Order

LupX Eliminator. Attaches to the string like others, but metal-to-metal contact makes for a stronger effect than those with rubber insert. As with other eliminators, position changes the result of the wolf tone.

20 Grams $30.00 Order
30 Grams $30.00 Order

Super Sensitive Wolf-Be-Gone. Similar to the Danish model, but made by Super Sensitive.

4/4 Cello or Bass $10.17 Order

Xeros Wheel. Pneumatic wheel with heavy duty components. Made to fit any diameter of endpin collar. Measure the rod of your endpin, and select the size that matches.

3/8 Inch $57.95 Order
1/2 Inch $57.95 Order
5/16 Inch $57.95 Order
10 mm $57.95 Order
12 mm $57.95 Order


Bass String Winder. Save your wrists with this simple device, to quickly and painlessly install strings.

String Winder $7.95 Order

Bass Buggie. Ultra stable. Top selling solutions for wheels for bass.

Bass Buggie $125.00 Order

Dampit. The original instrument humidifier. Fits in the F-Hole of the instrument. Daily filling is necessary under extremely dry conditions. Use distilled water for longer life. Includes a humidity guide, to show you when to use the dampit. For very dry conditions, many bass players use up to 4 of these in one instrument.

3/4-4/4 Bass $14.99 Order

Kolstein Secretary Bib. Attaches to the neck of your instrument to protect varnish from wear, and provide convenient storage of accessories such as a mute or pencil.

Secretary Bib $27.50 Order

Pro Tec DeLuxe Music Folder. Holds pages up to 13.25 x 10.5 inches. Reinforced corners and expandable interior pouches.

Pro Tec Music Folder $15.00 Order


Hamilton KB125 Phone Holder. Mounts to your music stand for convenient placement of any smart phone. Spring-loaded adjustment makes easy in-and-out mounting of any brand or size of phone. Gooseneck provides fine adjustment to the placement. If you use your phone for recording audio/video, metronome, tuner, or if you just don't want to miss a text, this product is for you. Black and Red colors available. Comes with an adapter, so you can also mount this device on a microphone stand.

Hamilton Phone Holder $29.95 Order

John Pearse String Swipes. 20 pads you can use to clean your strings after playing. Extends the life of your strings, especially those wound with Aluminum.

String Swipes $11.95 Order


Kolstein Bow Quiver. Attaches to the tailpiece to hold the bow when not in use. Leather with leather ties. Available in Black or Brown.

Bow Quiver $40.00 Order

Pro Tec Bow Quiver. Attaches to the tailpiece to hold the bow when not in use. Black Leather. Some players like the larger opening, which makes it easy to insert the bow quickly.

Bow Quiver $49.00 Order


ToneRite. Vibrations of a specific frequency and amplitude cause the instrument to become more responsive and have a mature tone. We've used this product with success in our shop for years. On many instruments the results are positive.


ToneRite for Bass $349.00 Order

KC Strings Bass Stand/Stool. Clever and elegant design that encorporates the features of a stool with a stand, in a portable package.

Bass Stand/Stool $150.00 Order


Bobelock Music Tote bag. Canvas, with Velour lining. Plenty of storage for music and accessories. Available in Black or Gray.

Bobelock Tote Bag $17.91 Order


Kolstein Bass Chair. Ergonomic design just for bass players.

Bass Chair $459.00 Order

Oasis Bass Humidifer. Finally, a superior humidifier for bass is available.

Oasis Bass Humidifier $22.95 Order


Glasser Bass Wheel. For 10 mm diameter endpin. Solid rubber tire requires no air to fill.

Without Brake $45.00 Order
With Brake $55.00 Order


Cleaner and Polish

Hill Cleaner. The standard choice of instrument cleaner for years. Use sparingly.

Hill Cleaner $8.95 Order

Planet Waves Polishing Cloth. Made by D'Addario.Treated so you don't have to use clearner or polish.

Treated $2.25 Order

Planet Waves Micro Fiber Cloth. Made by D'Addario. Use dry, to clean and polish your instrument without cleaners or polishing products.

Micro Fiber Cloth $6.50 Order

Super Nikco. This is the polish we often use in our shop.







500 ml Bottle $35.95 Order

Super Sensitive Polish and Kits. Kits include a polish cloth.

8 ounce bottle $19.80 Order
2 ounce bottle $6.24 Order
1 ounce bottle $4.95 Order
Polishing cloth $3.25 Order
Kit with 2 ounce bottle $11.95 Order
Kit with 1 ounce bottle $7.95 Order


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