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Select: Entry Level (Under $500), Intermediate ($500-1500), or Advanced ($1500 And Above)

We stock a large selection, but the best way to shop is to first contact us by email and let us know a little about which models seem appealing to you in terms of the size, price range, tone, and appearance. We can use your preferences to make a specific recommendation of instrument our outfit which is in stock. We also offer a 10 day in-home trial. So, please do not hesistate to contact us. We love email.

What is the most important aspect of a beginner instrument? The simple answer is playability. Young people should not be discouraged by an instrument that is difficult or impossible to manage. Pretty soon, a young player will lose interest and eventually want to quit. Parents should know that a student will be more committed on a well constructed and adjusted instrument.Teachers understand this all-too-well. They see instruments every day that are not adequate for the needs of the player. We apply the same expectations to the setup and adjustment of a basic instrument, as we do for a high-end instrument.

Segue is our private line of instruments. We source these from numerous workshops and are constantly looking for better values to offer you. European Workshops is our private line of European made products.

An Outfit includes a Bow and Case, or you can purchase the instrument only. With the standard setup, a shaped model case with fabric cover and basic quality Brazilwood or Fiberglass bow are included (your choice). With the DeLuxe setup, an oblong case and upgraded bow are included. Shaped model case examples are the Pro Tec Max, Concord Academy Dart, HC Economy Dart, SKB, Bobelock Shaped, or other, similar cases are used in the Standard Outfit. Oblong cases such as Pro Tec ProPac, Bobelock 1002, HC Oblong, and others are used in the DeLuxe outfit.


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