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We offer a ten day trial period to our customers that wish to evaluate items in our instrument or bow inventory. This is called an "evaluation request". For this service, we charge a handling fee of $30. This fee is charged to you each time we ship you instruments or bows. These fees will be applied to the sale price, if you choose to purchase an instrument or bow from us. Your only additional charge is for shipping. Shipping costs are not refunded to you when you return an instrument or bow.

Here's an example; For an evaluation of one Violin the charge is $30 for the handling fee, plus $18 for ground shipping = $48. If you choose to purchase the instrument, $30 is applied to the purchase price. If you return the instrument, the shipping cost from you to us is at your expense. For an evaluation of more than one item, the handling fee is still $30, but the shipping portion of fee may be higher. Please read all this information if you are considering placing an evaluation request.

Before sending you any products, we require protection against loss. A valid credit card with sufficient available credit is the usual form of security. Simply select an instrument or bow from our site as you would order any other item. During the checkout process, select the payment option "Instrument Evaluation". You will be asked to enter the credit card account information you wish to offer as security. We will run an authorization equal to the value of the merchandise, but you will not be charged. (This is the same type of credit card transaction used by hotels when you check-in). We need to be sure the account can be charged for the item if you do not return it, or it is returned in less-than-expected condition.

Insurance against loss or damage in transit is included when we ship the products to you.
You are responsible for the care and safety of the item(s) after you receive the package. When delivery is being made, inspect the box and open it to search for damage or mishandling while the delivery person is in your presence. If damage is suspected, refuse the shipment.

We suggest you do not take the items from your home unless absolutely necessary; i.e. to show your teacher. If you wish to return the item, notify us by email on the day you make your return shipment. We suggest UPS ground service. Include the tracking number for the package in your message to us. Insurance against loss or damage equal to the value of the goods is required on your returned package. Shipping and insurance costs are at your expense and are not applied toward the purchase price of an instrument or bow. When we receive the return, and have examined the items for damage, your credit card authorization will be canceled and you will have been charged only for the handling and shipping charges.

If you wish to place a regular order for products, make that a separate order. Do not combine an evaluation request with an normal purchase for products in our store. We have tried to make this process as simple as possible. Please contact us if you have questions.


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