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We offer a complete range of Tuners, Metronomes, Tuner/Metronome combination, and transducers. Email us if you have any questions about which product to buy. Our selection is extensive, and can be confusing.


Intellitouch PT-30 Clip-on, vibration sensing chromatic tuner.

Intellitouch PT-30 $99.00 Order

Korg CA-40 Similar to the CA-1, but with a larger display.

Korg CA-40 $24.99 Order

Oasis OT-1 Clip On. Vibration sensing, chromatic tuner with bright, easy to read display. Budget priced.

Oasis Clip-On $22.95 Order

Seiko STX1 Seiko's chromatic clip-on tuner. Adjustable clip and U-joint to position as needed. Senses the vibration directly from the instrument, instead of from the air, for better function in noisy environments.


Seiko STX1 $52.39 Order

Korg OT-120 The professional model . Features include; real VU meter, built-in speaker, sound-back tone matching, different temperament modes, chromatic operation, backlit display, and more.

Korg OT-120 $99.00 Order

Planet Waves Tru-Strobe Made by D'Addario. This chromatic tuner offers the display of strobe tuners, for accurate tuning. Very compact.

Planet Waves Tru-Strobe $99.00 Order

Intelli IMT-500 Budget priced, clip-on, vibration sensing chromatic tuner with bright backlit display.

Intelli IMT-500 $27.95 Order

Intelli IMT-600 Clip-on, vibration sensing chromatic tuner with bright backlit display. Similar to the IMT-500, but with extra modes for limiting tuning function to a Guitar or Violin exclusively.

Intelli IMT-600 $29.95 Order

Peterson StroboStomp 2 Compact Strobe tuner from the leader in Strobe tuning technology.

Intelli IMT-500 $199.00 Order

Korg Pitch Clip. Simple, convenient clip-on style chromatic tuner New compact, lightweight and discreet design Clear, bright, and easy-to-read LED display Display reverse assures easy viewing when mounted on either side of the headstock Reliable, highly-stable clip design Auto Power-Off extends battery life.

Korg Pitch Clip $17.05 Order





Seiko DM-50 Clip-on Metronome, available in three colors.

Blue $26.59 Order
Red $26.59 Order
Silver $26.59 Order


Seiko DM-70 Pocket size metronome, available in 3 colors.

Blue $31.89 Order
Black $31.89 Order
Silver $31.89 Order

Seiko SQ50V Seiko's offering for a budget priced metronome.

Seiko SQ50V $31.89 Order


Seiko DM-100 Compact metronome with beat subdivision feature.

Black $43.95 Order
Silver $43.95 Order

Korg MA-30 Korg's compact, budget-priced metronome.

Korg MA-30 $29.95 Order

Korg KDM-2 Resonance chamber acoustically enhances the speaker output. Much louder than other metronomes. Has Volume control, and beat subdivision features. 3 sounds to choose from; metallic, wood-block, and high tone. This is the metronome we recommend most for features. It's not compact, or low priced, but it is the best overall value.

Korg KDM-2 $59.00 Order

Korg Humidi-Beat. Portable, full-featured metronome provides enhanced rhythm training for every instrumentalist. The built-in thermometer, humidity detector, and clock provide an easy way to care for the instrument by monitoring conditions inside the case during storage, moving, etc. Tempo can be set using traditional Pendulum Steps, Full Steps, or Tap Tempo. Beat Mode offers from 0 to 9 Beats, plus 5 Patterns to practice any style of music. Convenient memory backup function recalls the users favorite settings. Battery-saving auto-power off function. Available in either Black or White.

Humidi-Beat White $40.30 Order
Humidi-Beat Black $40.30 Order


Korg KRMINI Rhythm Machine. Easy and simple design; just select a rhythm pattern and press the play button Chain function lets you arrange your favorite rhythm patterns and fill-ins to create complete songs Optional foot switch lets you control fill-in/start/stop hands-free Tap the 16 pads for finger drumming or recording your own performances Built-in speaker with 2W output helps you jam anywhere without the need for an additional monitor Headphone/speaker jack for quite practice or connection to an external monitoring system Two-way power; use the AC adaptor or batteries (AA alkaline batteries x 3)

Korg Rhythm Machine $79.99 Order


Combination Tuner/Metronomes

Korg TM-50 Loaded with features, for a low price. Large, backlit display, tap tempo input, chromatic tuner, beat subdivision are some of the features. The best part is that you can use both the Tuner and Metronome functions, AT THE SAME TIME!

Korg TM-50 $29.99 Order

Planet Waves. Made by D'Addario. Combo tuner/metronome with ultra compact design.

Planet Waves Tuner/Metronome $29.95 Order


Intelli IMT-202 Chromatic Tuner with Metronome at an affordable price.

Intelli IMT-202 $29.95 Order


Intelli IMT-203 Like the 202, but has a hygrometer function to tell you the relative humidity of the surrounding air.

Intelli IMT-203 $29.95 Order


Intelli IMT-204. Like the other 200 series products, but has a pitch-pipe sound back feature.

Intelli IMT-204 $21.95 Order

Intelli IMT-301. Larger display, easier tempo input wheel, and has thermometer/hygrometer features.

Intelli IMT-204 $49.95 Order

Boss TU-80. Combo tuner/metronome from this trusted brand.

Boss TU-80 $29.95 Order


Accessories for Tuners and Metronomes

Korg AC Power Supply. For OT-120 and other Korg products with optional AC power.

Korg AC Power $18.00 Order

Signal-Flex microphone. Most tuners, and tuner/metronome combo units have a 1/4 inch input for a microphone like this. This will add the function of a clip-on tuner, to other tuners, so you can tune in a noisy environment.

Signal Flex Clip-on Mic $15.00 Order


Korg Clip On microphone. Like the Signal-Flex, but made by Korg.

Korg Clip-on Mic $15.00 Order


Boss AC Power Supply. For DB-90 and other Boss products with AC power connector.

Boss AC Power $19.50 Order


The Realist for Violin and Viola. Designed by Ned Steinburger and David Gage. Preferred by many working professionals for the natural tone. 1/4 inch version for use with any standard instrument cable (not included). 1/8 inch version has a mini plug for lighter weight, and a cable is included.

Realist for Violin 1/8 inch $208.00 Order
Realist for Violin 1/4 inch $189.00 Order
Realist for Viola 1/8 inch $208.00 Order
Realist for Viola 1/4 inch $200.00 Order

The Realist for Cello. Designed by Ned Steinburger and David Gage. Since introduction, these products have been preferred by many working professionals for the natural tone, ease of installation and moderate price. Can be installed by the player. Fits under the C string side of the bridge. Cable not included

Realist for Cello $196.00 Order

The Realist for Bass. Designed by Ned Steinburger and David Gage. Since introduction, these products have been preferred by many working professionals for the natural tone, ease of installation and moderate price. Can be installed by the player. Fits under the E string side of the bridge. The original Realist has copper covered element. The wood version is new. The Docking station (shown to the right) is a new accessory adding a volume control functionality to Realist Bass pickups.

Realist for Bass Original Copper $196.00 Order
Realist for Bass Wood $196.00 Order
Realist Docking Station $89.00 Order

The Realist Soundclip allows a super simple installation on any bass bridge, while still offering the quality of tone The Realist is known for. Modular weight system allows customization of tone balance, and wolf elimination.

SoundClip for Cello $399.99 Order
SoundClip for Bass $399.99 Order

Realist LifeLine. This product offers The Realist tone quality, without installation under the bridge. Instead, it attaches at the bridge adjuster. Two sizes available. The standard is for common bridge adjuster diameter. The large is for unusual, large diameter adjusters.

LifeLine Standard $229.99 Order
LifeLine Large $229.99 Order

Fishman Full Circle. This Clever design mounts by replacing the bridge adjusters on your bass. Available in metric, inch, or UNC (universal) thread pattern to match the thread of the existing holes in your bridge. Most adjusters are based on the Inch thread pattern.

Full Circle-UNC 5/16-18 $252.95 Order
Full Circle-Metric $252.95 Order
Full Circle-UNC 1/4-20 $252.95 Order

Revolution Solo II. This installs in the slot of the bridge and offers a strong core to the natural tone this pickup produces.

Revolution II $149.00 Order

Baggs Bridges A Desiau high quality bridge, with element built in. Professional installation required. Includes pre-wired 1/4 inch jack.

Violin Bridge with Jack $189.00 Order


Headway products are made in the UK, and offer easy installation with professional results. The Band is an original concept which works well for players that want a simple installation and removal. These products are particularly well known for minimal feedback potential. The Bass model is not a band, but offers simple installation on the bridge.

Violin Bridge System shown.

Band for Violin $193.49 Order
Band for Viola $214.99 Order
Band for Cello $234.99 Order
Band for Bass $314.99 Order
Pickup for Bass $314.99 Order
Bridge System for Violin $235.13 Order
EDB-1 Preamp/DI $319.59 Order
EDB-2 Preamp/DI $364.99 Order
EDM-1 Mini Preamp $219.59 Order
EDM-1 Mini Preamp with PSU $245.69 Order

Pick Up The World are premium electronics, custom made to fit the specific size of the bridge feet. Intended for the most demanding professional applications. Fits under the bridge, like The Realist, but thinner. Cello model shown.

PUTW for Violin $150.00 Order
PUTW for Viola $150.00 Order
PUTW for Cello $150.00 Order
PUTW for Bass $185.00 Order
PUTW for Bass with Line Driver $285.00 Order
PUTW Line Driver $400.00 Order
PUTW Stereo Line Driver Preamp $125.00 Order
PUTW 9 Volt Stereo Line Driver Preamp $185.00 Order
PUTW 18 Volt Stereo Line Driver Preamp $200.00 Order

Schertler Stat-V. Premium transducers for live performance. Superior feedback resistence, with a natural acoustic instrument sound.

Stat-V for Violin/Viola $439.99 Order
Stat-V for Cello $439.99 Order
Stat-V for Bass $439.99 Order


LR Baggs Session DI Designed for Acoustic Guitar, but works great for bowed strings. This model is intended for recording work, but works just as well in live applications.

LR Baggs Session DI $249.00 Order

LR Baggs Venue DI.The flagship live performance preamp from Baggs. Designed for Guitar, but works well with all other acoustic instruments.

LR Baggs Venue DI $299.00 Order


LR Baggs GigPro and MixPro PreampsThe Gigpro is a discrete Class A preamp that eliminates the need for active electronics on your prized instrument. It makes any acoustic pickup sound better and provides fingertip control right at your side. GigPro is 1 channel, and MixPro is 2 channel.

LR Baggs GigPro DI $99.00 Order
LR Baggs MixPro DI $169.00 Order


LR Baggs. Their Para-Acoustic DI has become one of the standards for all acoustic intruments, no matter which pickup you use. The bridge system is also a top seller, and has been improved over the years to become a serious professional player's choice.

Para-Acoustic DI $149.00 Order


AER Preamp. The AER Colourizer is a preamp with extremely powerful tone shaping tools that allows you to plug in an instrument or microphone and really tweak the tone, and then route that signal to the mixing board, recording console, or amplifier. It gives you the ability to adjust all of the frequencies with its parametric EQ so you can get both the tone you want and, eliminate unwanted frequencies and resonance peaks (notches) that cause feedback. This is one of the most essential pieces of gear you can have. Especially for players who go directly into the PA or using someone else's gear.

AER 1 Channel Preamp $479.00 Order

Combo Amplifiers

Fishman Loudbox Series. Loaded with features. These combo amps are leading the pack for great overall value. 2 channels with indipendent pre-amp sections and effects. Mini is 60 watts, Artist is 120 wats, and Performer is 180 Watts.

Loudbox Mini $329.95 Order
Loudbox Artist $549.95 Order
Loudbox Performer $769.95 Order


AER 40 W Combo Amplifier. The AER Alpha is a compact combo amp for acoustic instruments. It has one channel with 2 individual inputs that allow parallel use of instrument and microphone, even though the instrument is the main focus. Inputs each have their own gain knob. Birch plywood cabinet provides great tone projection and is road tough. Dynamic controlled 40 Watts RMS and the 8" twin-cone speaker system give perfect performance at all sound pressure levels. Onboard reverb, external effects loop and headphone out.

AER 40 Watt Combo $899.00 Order

AER 60 W Combo Amplifier. The AER Compact 60-3 60W 1x8 acoustic guitar combo amp is a professional, compact and powerful amp system. Great for the singer/songwriter who requires outstanding reproduction of his/her instrument and vocals. This combo is a handy unit that's easy to transport, even if you're going by public transport. Throughout the years, the Compact 60 has become a standard in amplification, delivering the outstanding AER tone in nearly all possible situations. Like all AER systems, this one is subtly dynamically controlled, which ensures absolute reliability in full load operation despite strikingly small size and weight.

AER 60 Watt Combo $1,199.00 Order

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