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When a student reaches a high level of proficiency an instrument with greater versatility is required. Many new and difficult techniques will confound the student if the instrument is simply not capable of producing the appropriate response. A better bow or different strings will not do enough. Faster response, wider dynamic range, more powerful projection, and high aesthetic qualities are some characteristics of instruments in this price range. We know this might be the instrument on which a student wins his or her first competition, or begins post-secondary level studies. We have taken care to select instruments with these requirements in mind.

Outfits are available only for our Entry and some Intermediate Level instruments. Most of our customers want a broader selection of the case and bow to go with a higher level instrument. It is appropriate to choose a variety of bows with an instrument to see which one is best suited for the student and the instrument. Our staff is here to help choose a bow that compliments a particular instrument. You can send back the bows that have the least of the qualities you like.

More instruments will be added to this area of our Instruments department.
This area of our instruments department will see the most dramatic changes. When a customer has a substantial budget, the possibilities really open up. Certainly, an instrument in this price range will be completely hand worked and finished. The materials will be of the best available to the industry today.

Our DeLuxe setup on advanced level instruments offers a DeLuxe French bridge, your choice of premium quality strings, and other custom upgrades. If you do not have an opinion on these choices, let our shop pick for you. When setting up your instrument we can better make some of these decisions.

European Workshops-Germany Prominence is a German carved instrument that is finished in the US. Premium aged European tonewoods are used as well as choice fittings. The varnish is a light antiqued style with dark color. These instruments are the most popular German instruments on the market today.

European Workshops-Germany
Prominence Model
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
Select Size:


European Workshops-Germany Zenith are a step up from Prominence. They contain the same high level of materials, but the varnish is more sophisticated and extra attention is given to the graduations of the top, back and ribs, so responsiveness is improved slightly. You will not find a better value in any violin from Germany.

European Workshops-Germany
Zenith Model
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
Select Size:


Beijing Masters are a collection of instruments from our favorite makers working in Beijing. These are one-of-a-kind models are exciting for their unique character of appearance and tone. If these instruments were produced by makers in America or any European, their value would be many times higher. Also known as Snow 800.

Beijing Masters-Xueping Hu
Model 800
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
4/4 $2500.00


August Kohr 622. This instrument was reviewed very favorbly in Strings Magazine. It has choice tonewoods, and a very sophisticated antique varnish process. The tone has wide ranging possibilities with a strong focus which offers particularly good projection.

August Kohr 622
Instrument Only
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Segue Dominant is top model in our private lable line of instruments. We source these from a variety of shops, depending on where the best values are at any given time. They vary widely in terms of appearance and tone. The instrument below is an example of a recent Violin.

Segue Dominant
Instrument Only

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Xueping Hu Model 400. Also Known as Snow 400. This model represents a particularily great value from this workshop. The choice of materials and varnish are of a high level for it's price range. The tone tends to be round, with a slightly warm tone balance, but we can adjust to bring more brilliance with string choice and other adjustments.

Xueping Hu Model 400
Instrument Only

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