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We stock a large selection, but the best way to shop is to contact us by email and let us know a little about which models seem appealing to you in terms of the size, price range, tone, and appearance. We can use your preferences to make a specific recommendation of instrument our outfit which is in stock. We also offer a 10 day in-home trial. So, please do not hesistate to contact us. There are no stupid questions. We love email. Thanks in advance for contacting us.

When a player reaches a high level of proficiency an instrument with greater versatility is required. Better response, wider tonal range, more powerful projection, and high aesthetic qualities are some characteristics of instruments in this price range.

Our DeLuxe setup offers upgraded choice of fittings such as the bridge, endpin, and string. Given the level of these models, we do not offer a standard setup.

Johannes Kohr K500 Well lamed, aged maple back and sides, and a choice spruce top. It is fully handmade, hand-graduated and hand-varnished. This bass looks and sounds like German basses that cost two and three times as much.

Johannes Kohr K500
Instrument Only
Select Size:
7/8, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8

Samuel Eastman Conservatory has everything the rapidly advancing player needs. Many have seen these and expected them to sell for a far higher price. This is the same instrument as Eastman's 605.

Samuel Eastman Conservatory
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
Select Size:


European Workshops-Germany Prominence is a German carved instrument that is finished in the US. Premium aged European tonewoods are used as well as choice fittings. The varnish is a light antiqued style with dark color. These instruments are the most popular German instruments on the market today. Also known as Doestch.

European Workshops-Germany
Prominence Model
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
Select Size:

Core Symhony Model SM40 Concert level bass. Fully carved of 5 year aged wood, flamed back and sides.

Core Symphony SM40
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
Select Size:
3/4, 1/2

Jonathan Li. The Jonathan Li is crafted of the most select, stunning flamed maple back with a straight medium-grain spruce top. A refined, golden colored oil varnish enhances the tonal quality of this instrument. Each instrument is meticulously calibrated for optimum sound production.


Image not available


Jonathan Li
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
Select Size:


Pietro Lombardi. The Pietro Lombardi is made with a beautifully flamed maple back and a highly select spruce top. The sophisticated amber colored spirit varnish of the Lombardi is reminiscent of Italian makers.

Pietro Lombardi
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
Select Size:

Core Soloist Model S040 Performance level bass. Fully carved of 7 year aged wood, flamed back and sides.

Core Soloist SO40
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
Select Size:
3/4, 1/2

Jean-Pierre Lupot. With a well flamed maple back and select spruce top. Authentically designed to emulate the characteristics of master French instruments. Elegantly antiqued reddish spirit varnish, beautiful sound and excellent performance.

Jean-Pierre Lupot
Instrument Only-DeLuxe Setup
Select Size:


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