Velvet Compas 180 3/4-4/4 Bass D

ID: 1307D
Inventory Status: Temporarily Discontinued
Price: $85.00

Velvet strings offer an unparalleled combination of rich, complex tone and supreme feel. Hand made in Switzerland. Anima strings are for an even mix of solo pizz and acro playing. Garbo are for Pizzicato playing only. Compas 180 strings are the professional orchestral strings, yet offer a pleasing solo pizz response. The Anima low B and low C strings are also suitable for use with Garbo. The Compas 180 High C string is suitable for use with all Velvet sets. Velvet offers a one year warranty on their products. The Special Hybrid set consists of Gut G, Light Garbo D, Medium Garbo A and Medium Garbo E.