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The terms of our rental contract are similar to many others. Legally, the agreement is a "Rent-to-Own" contract. This means that if you complete all the payments of the 36 month term, you own the instrument. There is an early buy-out option, which allows you to purchase the rental outfit before the end of the term, or use your credit toward the purchase of another instrument. Roughly 80% of your monthly payment before tax is going toward the principal value of the rental instrument. At any point after 3 months, you are able to return your rental and use this accumulated amount toward an instrument purchase.

We offer a 36 month term. There is a three month minimum rental period. After that time, you can return the instrument or outfit to us, and the contract is terminated. If you return the instrument to us before 3 months, you will be charged for the remainder of this period. If you need to exchange your outfit for a larger size, that is done on the current contract. No need to fill out the contract again. Simply contact us to make arrangements for the exchange. Continue making payments on your original contract.

Effective 6/1/15, we are handling our billing in-house! Existing rental contacts are still with Monterey Financial (Formerly National Music Funding) For legacy rental contracts billing support, contact Monterey Financial at 888-718-6632 or email us for assistance.

Regular Maintenance Included. Included in our rental rates, are common maintenance needs such as string replacement, bow rehair, minor adjustments. The cost to repair damage is not considered to be Maintenance, and you will be charged for any needed repairs. We are not concerned with minor scratches or dings in the varnish, as these are rental instruments, and signs of wear are typical. However, any serious damage which requires us to make repairs, or renders the instrument worthless is your responsibility.

The laws of the State of Minnesota shall govern our contract. Minnesota sales tax of 7.775% is applied to all payments.

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