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Musilia's carbon fiber and carbon composite cases have been impressing cellists in Europe for a while now. Musilia engineered their cases from scratch to provide unsurpassed protection for the instrument and a new level of comfort for the player. Designed in Germany. As with other brands of ultra light case, Musilia cases have no wheels.

The designeres put extra thought details that make these cases stand out from the competition. Optional accessories such as the backpack system that incorporates a wedge shaped pad accessory, that can be removed and used as a cellists angles seat cushion and removable music pocket. Straps attach without metal claps, so you don't have to worry about hardware that can fail, causing the case to fall off your back. Adjustable interior padding to ensure snug fitting of the instrument for maximum protection. Read the Strings Magazine review, by clicking HERE

S series cases are for standard, Strad model and similarly proportioned Cellos. M Series are for Montagnana or other very large pattern models of Cello. The M series is also known as the Universal model. This model will accommodate normal instruments as well, but has a wider range of adjustment of the interior padding system, allowing the M series to accommodate the largest instruments as well.

For a limited time, we are offering Free Shipping OR Free Backpack option. Add a case to your shopping cart, and make your choice in the Drop Menu.

Free Domestic Shipping. IMPORTANT. You must click on the icon, to make our shopping cart show the shipping discount. International customers may use this also. International shipping costs more, but you will get the value of domestic shipping applied as a discount to your order.

Musilia Cello cases are the latest product to receive our distinctive Star Performer designation. Star Performers are products which have; popularity, great value, and the best performance in their class.


S1 and M5. This model has a shell consisting of a mix of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Exterior colors for S1: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Yellow, Silver, White. Exterior colors for M5: Black, Blue, Sky Blue, White. S1 weighs 7.8 pounds. M5 weighs 8.6 pounds.

S1 for 4/4 Cello $1,080.00 Order
M5 for 4/4 Cello




S2 and M6 are all carbon fiber construction. Exterior colors available are Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Yellow, Silver, White, Transparent Blue, Transparent Black. S2 weighs 7.0 pounds. M6 weighs 7.7 pounds.

Shown in Transparent Black. Notice the faint texture of carbon weave deep with in the color. Transparent Blue has a similar effect.

S2 for 4/4 Cello $1,665.00 Order
M6 for 4/4 Cello




S3 Model is an all carbon fiber shell model, and is the lightest made by Musilia. Exterior colors available are Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Yellow, Silver, White, Transparent Blue, Transparent Black. S3 weights 5.5 pounds

S3 for 4/4 Cello $2,184.00 Order


Backpack accessory, shown with optional back cusion

Case Options    
Backpack Accessory $150.00 Order
7/8 Conversion. Set of pads that adapt any Musilia case, to accommodate smaller cellos. $15.00 Order




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